Drug Rugs

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by jr. gong, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. jr. gong

    jr. gong Registered

    Ok...I'm sure you've heard of them... pretty big about a decade or two ago

    but can anyone tell me what they're actually called... ive been looking around for them, but knowing them only as drug rugs doesnt help much

    what are they called or where can i find them?

    jr. gong
  2. halfdead7126

    halfdead7126 Registered

    sorry bro

    yeah man never heard of that shit?
  3. STDzRus

    STDzRus Registered+

    Are you talking about a rug made out of hemp?

    This thread is almost a year old.
  4. robert42

    robert42 Registered+

    that was his 1st and last post he probly died due to lack of sleeping on a drug rug no thanks to u STDz u coula replied last yr and saved this man, Just £3 a month can help save a man, people in the third world dont want handouts just fishing boats and huts so we can cacth out fish, call 555-like-we-give-a-shit
  5. STDzRus

    STDzRus Registered+

    ooh they got a new number!

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