Drug Test at SAMs Club?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by JoePothead, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I applied for a job at sams about 3 weeks ago. I hadn't smoked in over a month so I thought I was good for it. They didn't call me back, so I assumed I had been rejected, and smoked a few times. This month I have smoke on the 1 and 2, the 16 and 17, and some ( about 1.1.5 grams of decent dro shared with a friend through a bong) today (friday 22)... Well, Sams called me today to schedule another interview and I told them I'd have to call back to schedule... I'm assuming if I call them back that they will want the interview this tuesday or wednesday (26-27) and I don't know what to do...

    1. Does anyone know if SAMs for sure drug tests?
    2. If so, how plausible are things like fake urine, and dillution if I've smoked this close to the date?
    3. Is it actually possible to detox within this short of a time period?
    4. Does anyone know if it would be better just to tell them I can't take the interview right now, and keep the opportunity for later, or even ask if I can schedule it in like a month? I know if i fail the drug test I probably won't be able to apply there again...
    5. Is there any point in buying a drug test in the morning and tyring it? Will ir just be a waste of 40 bucks, since I'm bound to be positive?
    6. Are there any excuses that I could use for false positives? I take adderol every day (as perscribed, 25MG in the mornings, 15 mg in the afternoon) and I don't know if that will have any effect,m or show up on the test.

    If it helps with any of the questions, I'm 19, weigh 220 lbsd and am 6'1. Like I said, I don't smoke often or a huge amount when I do smoke.
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    I also have a stomach condition, which I take phenergan for, as well as about 8 advil a day. I read that both of these can give false positives, but I don't know how that will fly as far as a pre-emploiyment drug test...
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    I keep researching and finding new stuff, so I have one more question...

    How well do urine additives/ synthetic urine work? Will I be able to buy them at the local bong shop, or do I need to order and have them shipped?

    How hard is it to keep fake urine body temperature? Someone told me that you can mix your own urine and the fake urine, and it should end up under the passing level AND at body temp. Is this true?
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    Hi JPH, Welcome to these boards. Where are You researching because the answers to Your questions are within a few threads on the first page of this drug testing forum.

    I can answer Your last question that mixing Your urine with synthetic urine would defeat the purpose, Your urine is either dirty or clean. You can't mix dirty urine with Your clean synthetic urine...:smokin:...:stoned:
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