Drug Test Curiosity? Home Test Vs. Lab Test

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by mr.squonk, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. mr.squonk

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    I want to just say that I have been reading all of your posts for quite a while, and although there is a mass of information out there, I am sure that some of you could analyze my situation and give me some good feedback.

    I am 32, 240-ish pounds, 6'2". Today will essentially be 3 weeks since my last serious smoking. Exactly a week ago, I smoked 2 one hitters out of my dugout. About 12 days ago, I puffed on a joint (about 3 good tokes).

    3 days after my obstention from smoking, I took a cheap 5 dollar urine test specifically for Marijuana, just to get a baseline. If there was a line, it was too faint to tell.

    About 4 days after that, I took the same cheap test (I had 2) and I got a faint line, but it was there.

    About a week ago, I bought 2 tests from CVS, one was for Marijuana, and the other was for Marijuana and Cocaine (they only had one pot test left, so I picked up the other). I took the THC/COC test and I passed. The control line was very dark, and the THC/COC lined were both there, but about 50% faint.

    2 days ago, I took the THC only test, it was negative, but a lot fainter than the previous. I am concerned. I was just offered the job today and have 48 hours (including Monday morning) to go to a local lab. I was prepared to take the screening right after the interview, so I took some detox stuff I bought...I understand that they really only mask and force you to drink lots of water, but it also came with complex B vitamins and Creatine. When I got home a urinated, it was like someone dumped out a glowstick in the toilet, so I am somewhat glad the test was not today.

    I called the same company they want me to have the screening, but a different location, told them I was an employer looking to screen for some employees, and found that they charge $45 for a drug screening, so I assume it will just be a standard urine screening for the typical 5 drugs. They stated that they supply the test and send it to a M.D. to read.

    If the THC/COC test both read with the same 50% faint line, and the last time I used Coke was well over a month ago, can I trust the accuracy?

    Why did the 2nd CVS test's line read a lot lighter than the previous?

    Anybody have some good advise that may help? This job is very important to me, and I do feel that 3 weeks with only a tiny bit inbetween is a reasonable amount of time.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me, I don't feel comfortable with QF or a fake penis or anything like that at this point.


  2. matrix9789

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    my understanding is that if there's a line, no matter how faint it is, that means you passed. if the cutoff point for the drug screening is 50 ng/ml like the at-home ones, you should be fine. although some companies like to screen their employees to as low as 15 to 20 ng/ml. as far as coke goes, doesn't that get out of your system in like 3 days to a week? i just remember all the hard drugs (no i don't consider weed to be a hard drug) getting out of your system faster.

    to answer your question as to why the line was more faint than the other one; i have no idea. same thing happened to me. maybe you drank more that day and that's why the line was stronger? who knows.
  3. mr.squonk

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    Well, the deed is done for me...I just got back for a lab, they do send them out to an MD to be read. The "nurse" (not sure if she actually was or has to be) was really cool and I asked her questions like, "what drugs do you test for?", and "how long do the results take?". I even mentioned (acting dumb), "if I was bad when I was young, is there a problem?"...she said, who wasn't bad! I also mentioned that you can get these tests at a drug store and she mentioned that they are VERY (she stressed VERY) sensitive. So, I hope that my only concern is the fact that I am taking Alprazolam (Xanax), but someone would call me if they found anything that they would need to verify with my doctor. She also confirmed that they do only test for the legendary 5 drugs (marijuana, coke, opiates...and the rest I forget).
  4. mr.squonk

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    thanks matrix. i guess whatever happens now, happens. can't control it from here. unless i can get my MD to prescribe Marinol!!!!!
  5. matrix9789

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    yo squonk, i just got a call saying i passed my test. so if it makes you feel any better i smoked like 13 days ago and still passed. all i did was good old fashion work out and drink lots of water. i also smoked quite a bit before that. i took the at-home tests and passed, so the lab probably tested at 50 ng/ml like the home tests. all i know is that from now on i ain't listening to people who are like "oh you're screwed because you have to abstain for 30 days to pass."
  6. mr.squonk

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    That's great! Good for you. I said screw it and smoked a jay tonight. I figured one of three outcomes...I pass, I fail, or I have to re-take it. Chances I will have to retake it are slim, so...Let's hope for the best.
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    My daughter smokes very little, and it has been about 4 months since the last time she smoked. Thursday a friend was in town and she took one toke. She didn't tell me but she was drug tested today 2/13/11. She said she went to the health food store and got some detox tea and has been drinking tons of water since Thursday....What are her chances of passing? Anyone?

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