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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by rsad, Jul 4, 2017.

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    hello all, I have a drug test I have to take for the hospital I am going into clinical rotation for sometime at the end of August. It is a "forensic chain of custody 10 panel urine drug screen" at Labcorp. I've been smoking daily since around February, 175 5'11 not very active. I recently used QuickFix 6.1 on a test at Quest Labs, the lady taking my sample didn't even check my pockets or anything, just had it tucked away in my pants. I'm sure Synth will work at Labcorp as well, but I've only ever been tested at Quest Labs for a DOT 5 panel. Is there any reason to concern myself against using QF? I might quit for a few weeks just in case.
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    Hi rsad,

    Can you please respond back whether you passed or failed the test? I have mine tomorrow at LabCorp. Please respond back asap. thanks
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