Drug Test for Walgreens?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by BabyFacedAbortion, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. BabyFacedAbortion

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    Quick question. I'm not stressin' too much, but I filled out an application to work at Walgreen's drug store and on it, they asked if I'd be willing to submit a required drug test. Because it's really no big deal if I get this job or not (Although it'd be EXTREMELY nice if I did get it), I said yes. I'm going to assume it'll be a urine screen.

    I'm a daily smoker, I smoke all day, everyday. My question is will dilution work? I'm a pro at dilution for probation drug testing (Was on it for a year with weekly drug tests), so I'm gonna again, assume, it'll work BUT this is a company and my smoking has increased since then. So my question is..how did yous all pass your company drug tests, if you did?
  2. imitator

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    Bottle of QuickFix for $30 is how I pass all of mine. Ive had friends who have passed probation with dillution or by adding specific chemicals to their urine while its in the cup, but QF was the more surefire way I could think of to pass. Its gotten me through two higher profile jobs, as well as one small scale job.
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    Kick ass, I'm gonna buy a bottle shortly. I don't know how work drug tests work, though. Do they just shove you off into a bathroom and let you do your thing? I'm used to double sided mirrors ;)
  4. funkyskunk

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    man SUB. Easy as fuck. works great....
  5. imitator

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    I have never been patted down, or put in a double sided mirror room ever. If you are just there for an employment screening, you should never have to deal with it either. They have always just put me in a bathroom, said no flushing the toliet, no washing your hands, and let me do my thing.

    If you look around at QuickSilver's thread about Quick Fix, you will find a decent bit of information on how to use the product.
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    Walgreens also does random drug testing. The drug testing crew comes into a store with no warning and tests EVERY employee working there at the time & if you fail you are fired.
  7. Stoner46

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    I passed

    2 drug tests using 4 aspirin and 2 niacin and some b12 two hours before your piss test
  8. Stoner46

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    Also made sure it was Bayer Aspirin that I used

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