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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by sorareborn, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. sorareborn

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    hey guys, so i have a big question regarding a drug test...

    ive been clean for a good 3-4 weeks...but last week (may 30th) i ended up smoking about 3-4 hits of some white willow...i got high, but not stoned out of my mind :p

    anyway, that was may 30th, and i have a drug test on june 17th...thats like 19 days after my last smoke...

    im wondering how long this is gonna stay in my system? remember, i havent smoked in about a month...and before that i hadnt smoked in almost 2...so you can say im a VERY irregulary smoker...

    so any tips? ive been pounding down water and green tea like a mofo! but i just wanna be safe and sure im not gonna get f'ed in the A :p
  2. Deige

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    If you were completely clean to begin with the average detection time of a one time smoking session is 5-7 days. Now I say average for reason, there are a lot of variables that come into play(height, weight, metabolism, diet, and exercise). You best bet would be to pick up some home test kits and test yourself periodically leading up to the test. Use the first void(urination) of the day as it contains the highest concentration of THCA.

    On another note, drinking shitloads of water or any other liquid days before the test will not help you to get clean faster. Only time, exercise, and a high fiber diet will help you to get clean.
  3. sorareborn

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    oh i totally forgot to add my stats...

    im 5 ft 10...and only 125 pounds...i eat fast food 6 days a week and i never gain weight...so id say my metabolism is pretty good too :p

    i was clean for a good 3-4 weeks before i smoked on the 30th

    also i just went to walmart to look at a drug test kit...it was like 15 bucks for a 1 time use...is there anywhere i can get a cheaper 1 time use? im lazy and cheap and dont wanna spend 15 bucks for a test kit :p
  4. Burnt Toast

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    Online is your best bet for low-buck home testing kits.

    Do a Google search for drug testing kits.
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  5. sorareborn

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    burnt toast, according to my stats i posted do u think ill be clear within that 19 day gap??

    i smoked once back in february, then i didnt do anything until early may, then i did those 3-4 hits on may 30th...

    each time i smoke i never do more than 4-5 hits off a bowl

    so as you can see, im a very infrequent user...thats like 3 times total in the past 4 months? im just curious if ill be good after a 19 day gap
  6. Burnt Toast

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    Each person is different regardless of stats. A home THC test kit would give you a far more realistic answer to your question than my guesswork or anyones guesswork. Drug testing is one area in which guesswork shouldnt be relied upon, considering that careers, families, and freedoms are hanging in the balance.

    Who is making you take a drug test and for what reason?
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  7. sorareborn

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    i got arrested for a minimal tresspassing offence...its no big deal, and my friend only got an 8 hour community service sentance...

    but they are drug testing me and my two other friends (neither of them have ever smoked)...im getting my test on the 17th...and im REALLY hoping its okay...

    im gonna get a test later this week, and try it out first thing in the morning later this week (i will probably be about 10 days clean by the time i use it)

    im anxious to find out the restults...btw i have a quesiton...

    what happens if i DO come up positive for a drug test for the above stated reason?

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