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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by steadyblazing, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. steadyblazing

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    Stats : 6'2 225 (little bit chubby)
    Usage : Quarter a week/Ounce a Month. Quality weed. So Chronic, heavy usage.
    Dont work out
    Days clean : 48
    Type of test : 50 nanogram

    So I've got a drug test for a job in 3 days. I've taken two other drugtests, one at Day 28 (fail) and Day 40 (hard to say..maybe extremely faint line?) No pics for these two tests unfortunately.

    I've always thought it was about 30 Days, but I've been reading all these horror stories of people coming up positive for THC 45 to even 90 days after smoking. Wtf?

    Here are my results at Day 48. First void. This is clearly a pass right? Do you think I'm good? Maybe a mild dilution would be enough? Any tips/thoughts/recommendations appreciated.
  2. SneakyMcgee

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    I would say you look good if that's a first void; my current results are pretty similar, day 77 and had a similar fat % and usage pattern to you. I'm still freaking out because this is a life changing job opportunity. I've still got a few more weeks, and even passed a 20ng/mL stick with a dark yellow first void this morning, but between all the horror stories here and the inconsistency I get with times of day and from one stick to the next, I'm just not going to be able to relax about it til I'm finally on the payroll.

    I think my plan is to "mildly" dilute -- I can generally get pretty solid T lines after a few drinks and am pissing a clearish faint yellow. The mantra from Burnt Toast in the old threads here (and he sure seems like he knew what he was talking about) seems to be that passing consistently with first voids = good to go, regardless of line intensity since that's always the dirtiest and you know not to give a first void sample for the real deal. Also, you don't see many stories of people failing real pre employment tests (probation tests seem to be stricter and sometimes a different story) after unambiguously passing home sticks, and I'd definitely say your line isn't "ghostly" as many that have got posted here.

    Good luck to you amigo, please keep us posted.
  3. steadyblazing

    steadyblazing Registered

    Hey thanks! I will keep it updated. I wish I had 77 Days!

    If you are going to be at around 90+ Days clean I don't think I'd worry at all. Have you failed any of the tests recently or have they all been pass?

    Might try to do another test tomorrow to see where I'm at. I don't think the paranoia will end for me either.

    Hopefully with a little dilution and mid-flow I'll be alright.
  4. SneakyMcgee

    SneakyMcgee Registered+

    I haven't "failed" a single test, since I started doing the home sticks on around day 40 or so. Sometimes the lines have been faint-ish (but always clearly there) sometimes the lines have been pretty solid. They tend to be considerably more solid when the pee is less yellow, later in the day, which leads me to believe there's still some metabolite left in me; despite what everyone says about the intensity of the lines not mattering, it's pretty clear something is attaching to the antibodies and there's more of whatever that is whenever there's more substance to the pee. That just makes me really paranoid about throwing up a red flag or my body deciding to leech a bunch of metabolite right before I submit -- I know it's unlikely at this point, but it also seems like crazier things have happened.

    It almost feels easier to tell someone else in a similar boat with decent lines that they'll be good than to just accept the same logic and apply it to myself. That said, I do think you'll be good.
  5. steadyblazing

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    If you really wanted to be put more at ease, you could get a First Check test from your local store and mail it in and it will give you a detailed nanogram level reading. Since your time allows it. Since I am more borderline I would have done this. I read a clinical study done that even after someone provided a clean sample, they then sometimes tested positive a week or 2 after. So the levels definitely do fluctuate, but not forever.

    To note about my routine night before I took the test in the OP, I chugged 4 bottles of water, and voided clear twice throughout the night. When I woke up the sample I tested, the first void, was pretty dark yellow. I wonder what influence, if any, that might have had.
  6. surfing1

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    Your good the line is clearly there. JMO
  7. Rondu

    Rondu Registered

    I see the line but I can understand the panic my situation is much better and I feel like crap. Im with you bro!
  8. steadyblazing

    steadyblazing Registered

    What's up guys...got paranoid and ended up subbing and it worked out.

    But im here again. I got completely clean i had 5 months clean and I smoked like 4 joints on July 4th.

    Theres a good possibility i will be tested 11 days from my last single day use.

    Think that's enough? I'm in a remote location so no tools to test with.

    Total consumption was about 2 grams and I shared a bit so not too bad right?
  9. RonFromSichuan

    RonFromSichuan Registered

    I would say after 11 days, it would be 50/50 of you passing.

    Assuming you will be tested in 11 days, I would look to buy or make a dilution drink to help dilute your urine so you can pass on the day of the test.
  10. Pupp

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    Be careful about over drinking before your urine test with water or whatever. I'd read reports some labs won't accept diluted urine to be valid for testing purposes. Not sure if it meant the test taker drank too much water/liquid, or the labs are saying they suspect the sample was diluted with water or some other substance after the fact.

    Good luck though. :leafbanner:

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