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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by kaitlin1234, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. kaitlin1234

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    Hello everyone !
    I am here to ask someone with experience if I can get clean from THC in 50 days.

    I have been smoking- vaping everyday (3-4 times) for two months and in 50 days I have a drug test I need to pass.

    I am 5’6 and my weight is 143. I started working out everyday for two hours, eating a lot of veggies and fruit and drinking only water and green tea.

    So, based on your experience, do you think it is possible to get clean in less than two months?
    Should I so anything else to get rid of THC faster?

    I thank you very much already
  2. kaitlin1234

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  3. RonFromSichuan

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    Yes you can get clean in 50 days.

    What you are doing is good (exercising, drinking water). I also recommend you buy a bunch of home test kits to test your THC levels.

    If by day 45 you are still failing the tests, then I recommend you buy a detox drink to help clean you out on the day of the test.
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  4. kaitlin1234

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    Alright, is there a brand or type of detox drink in particular that you recommend?
    I know there are many and some of them are just a waste of money. Thank you !
  5. RonFromSichuan

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    I have had success using QCarbo in the past. But like with all detox drinks, you have to follow the instructions very strictly for it to work.

    I forgot to mention something about home drug test kits. I recommend you buy a brand that tests multiple levels of THC so you can easily track your progress you are making. A brand I have used is called UTest. It is more pricey, but I believe it is worth the extra money because you can better see where your THC levels stand.

    If you have any further questions feel free to ask.
  6. kaitlin1234

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    Hello, where can I buy that type of test?
    I am on day 35 and I still have 20 days to get clean, today I took a test and I got a very faint line.. I believe that it's good news...
    thank you so much again
  7. surfing1

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    Dont waste your $ on detox drinks, after you drink it and the water it tells you to drink all you have accomplished is diluting your pee. Which is fine but you can do the same thing with a sports drink and water or really any liquid since all your doing is diluting your urine to lower your thc content for a short period of time

    You can buy different level tests on e bay or amazon although some here say they are knock offs, me personally I have been buying tests from e bay for 10+ years and have not had any issues.

    With you having 15 more days id say your going to be just fine. JMO. Good luck
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  8. kaitlin1234

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    Hi , do you think Niacin would help the situation? I am working out, drinking a lot of water, and eating healthy stuff but I am so scared it's not enough...
  9. surfing1

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    No thats just a myth. If I were you id buy 10 pack of single thc tests at the 50 ng level and start testing myself daily, unless you know your going to be tested at a lower level. Everyone tends to over think this its not rocket science. Id bet since you said you already got a faint line, if you were to down a quart of a sports drink and pee a couple times that by the 3rd pee your test will be fine. It doesnt matter how dark or light the line is. Also im not a fan of testing first pee of the day nobody wakes up and holds it and goes and takes the test, drink a couple cups of coffee pee, drink your sports drink pee a couple times and id bet you next 2-3 pees will be just fine. Remember you may not need to do any of this since your already getting a line and still have 2 weeks. JMO Good luck
  10. surfing1

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    Just to be clear what ive suggested is how to pass the test not necessarily be 100% clean, if you goal is to be 100% clean, time is the only way to do that . I still think with the time you have you will be clean Good luck
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