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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Irollup, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Irollup

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    Hello everyone, been reading the forums but never posting.

    I may have a drug test in a week starting tomorrow. I have these omni extra strength capsules (four of them) and I can't find conclusive results on them. I'm trying to find my best plan of attack but I can't seem to find answers on anything.

    I don't think substitution is an option. However I know for a fact that I have eaten terribly and drank maybe 1 glass of water a day before while detoxing after smoking daily for ~2 years and passed a test with a feint line 13 days after I last smoked (Smoked the 1st of the month through the morning of the 2nd (~4am) and passed a test the 14th). So I was clean for ~3 months and I've been smoking for ~3 weeks.

    Any ideas/ suggestions? I'm thinking diluting may be the only option, but I don't want to piss a dilute. However since I've gotten clean in 13 days after ~2 years of daily smoking I'm curious what I can do with ~6-7 days running on a treadmill (or working out in general), drinking water, and eating healthy.

    All advice appreciated.
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  2. CaptainDankNuggets

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    Don't smoke until then drink a decent amount of water everyday and some green tea and if you can get an hour or two of exercise. Make sure you stop exercising a day or two before and your golden to pass bro.
  3. Irollup

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    Mmk well I'll do my best with exercise, I was thinking of eating a lot of salads? Any recommended diet? Does it matter?
  4. Deige

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    I think substitution will be your only hope here. Omni clean pills will not help your body to detoxify. Since THCA is not a toxin, listing detoxification on cleansers and magic elixirs is just false advertisement. Drinking loads of water, green tea, or any other liquid will not help you to get clean faster either, THC is not water soluble so you can't wash it out of your system. The same goes for fasting and eating salads. The only way to get clean is to exercise and eat a high fiber diet(Metamucil works great). Those two things and time alone are your only hope for dilution.
  5. Irollup

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    Okay, well I don't think substitution is an option as I'd imagine I'd be watched if tested. I would normally bring a sub anyway but I'd fear if tested and watched that who knows what could happen and if found with a sub well... That's almost worse than failing.

    So my main thing was getting clean in 14 days of eating terribly. Main intake of fluids was from Coke, like I said I maybe drank one real glass of water a day. Didn't really eat any salads or anything healthy as far as I remember. Greasy burgers etc. Oh and I just sat on my ass 99% of the time minus time at work. So I was wondering if with help I could cut that time in half, or it would even help.

    Thank you for the advice thusfar.
  6. Irollup

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    Should I be working out, or sitting on my ass? I read some places to stop working out 3 days before then others to not even work out if there's less than a week...
  7. Deige

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    Read the Dilution thread linked under my signature.
  8. Irollup

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    I've read the sticky a few times over. In the OP there's no mention of time in days except for saying to quit for 48 hours. There's no talk of sitting on your ass or working out a week prior. Just very detailed info on what to do hours before the test.

    I've read the certo thread as well a while back and I remember it actually working just like dilute does, should I use this as well just in case or no? I have about 4 days till the possible test, which would be on day 5. I'm just trying to see my best plan of attack. I know a multitude of these threads are almost identicle, but then again that almost seems to be the point of this section of the forum anyway considering most material has been covered minus a case by case basis.

    Also as said I do appreciate the help but if you did know the answer (assuming yes since you knew where to direct me) then it would have taken you just as long to say work out or sit on your ass and also would have saved me a lot of time. Not that my time is your concern, but I'm just sayin I would have answered your question and directed you where to go.
  9. Deige

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    Ok.... Let's start over now. Why are you being tested?
  10. Irollup

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    Curious as to why that would necessarily matter. Personally the less personal information I can give out the best for me, not to sound sketch but I just don't trust the Government by any means.

    Hell the fact this site/ section exists blows me away.

    EDIT: Also, I sincerely appologize if any of my postings have come off as rude in any way. I am certainly not trying to be.
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  11. Deige

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    Your not being rude at all and I respect your judgment here, so you'll have to respect mine. In order to correctly help people here I need all the information that I can get. Every situation we deal with has different circumstances and repercussions. If you cannot give me that information then I cannot properly and truthfully help you with your situation. If you choose to remain silent regarding your testing situation then I would suggest that you exercise the search button. You can find all the information you need under the usernames Fakeboobsrule, Burnt toast, and myself.
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  12. Irollup

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    Fair enough. Well I'll say the test is probably the same as any other (Government grade I believe). Failing would certainly not be good but I also don't believe it to be life threatening. I may have a one time oops card and then it could get serious.

    If it were life threatening to be honest I wouldn't burn.
  13. maruid

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    do you plan on resuming smoking once you get past the test?
  14. Deige

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    Reading your original post I see that your test will probably be next Thursday, giving just under a week. You could get by with exercising from now until Monday, then stop and go into hybernation mode. You'll want to eat fatty foods Tues,Wed,Thurs and be as lazy as possible. I would pick up some Metamucil, It will help you to excrete some THCA via your colon and is ok too take right up until test time. You will also want to start loading Creatine 2-3 days before the test, so that it can metabolize into Creatinine. You can accomplish this be using a Creatine supplement or eating red meat and fish for a couple days. If you have the time and coin, it would be wise to pick up a home test kit and run a mock dilution one the mornings before your test. It will give you an idea of where you stand as well as practice for the real thing.

    Also, Gatorade should be substituted for water in the dilution thread to help with specific gravity(another validity check they will do).
  15. Irollup

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    So if there's 3-4 days left before the test the best bet is to be a lazy as possible? How about caffeine and Monster drinks? My metabolism is retarded fast I can gain 3-5 pounds and lose it when I wake up if that matters at all.

    And how about protein shakes? "Work-out" shakes containing large amounts of protein and creatine would that be a good supplement? Either way I like fish and red meat so I could definitely pig out on those for a few days haha.
  16. Burnt Toast

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    Yep. Particularly if youve been taking home THC tests and theyre coming up as 'positive' (with the first urination of the day).

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