Drug test kits in Canada?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by breakonthru, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. breakonthru

    breakonthru Registered

    Does anyone know where I can buy a dru test kit in Canada?....maybe just some general chain of stores? lie walgreens etc in the US. THis is for a test thats tomorrow:( Thanks!
  2. SeriousSam10

    SeriousSam10 Registered

    I would think maybe shoppers drug mart. I'm actually on my way there right now and I'll let you know if they do.
  3. SeriousSam10

    SeriousSam10 Registered

    No...unfortunately. They sell them at the hemp shop here so look for one of those...

    Only problem, is they are fourty frigging dollars!
  4. powerslave

    powerslave Registered

    i bought 5 for `10bux at drugteststrips.com, they are thc only tho
  5. breakonthru

    breakonthru Registered

    Thanks for the info. Yeah i found out that shoppers, lawtons etc dont carry any DT kits..neither do the walmarts. Dont know of any hemp shop here either. darn....
  6. TimCDN

    TimCDN Registered

    Drug tests are now available in Canada at Drug Test Kits.ca
    They have urine, saliva and hair follicle drug tests available.

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