Drug Test Soon, Q Carbo Clear 20 any good?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ITAHollywood420, Apr 30, 2009.

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    Todays Date: April 30, 2009

    So I have a drug test coming up. I can go whenever I want before the end of May 2009. I havent smoked since April 3, 2009. So ive been clean for roughly a month. I just purchased Q Carbo Clear 20 as an extra boost to help me pass. This is my first test since ive started smoking and im really paranoid. I am 5'9", 130 pounds and skinny. I have smoked just about everyday since November 08-April 09.

    Does anyone have any input as to if I will pass this test? it is a piss test.
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    I would pickup some cheap thc test strips. I buy mine off ebay for about $1.25 each.
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    I figured I would post my experience here for all...

    Background: Former heavy, heavy smoker for 15 years (approx. 1/8 a day, mainly through bong) - quit that pattern in Oct 2007 for a job with random testing for a year - didn't smoke AT ALL until March 2009 - from March until July 8 regular use of about 2 grams a day again mainly through the bong - I'm a large mammal, about 5'11" 335 lbs - a lot of muscle with years of fast food & horrible diet habits packed on, so it wouldn't be all that easy to get THC out of the system

    So here goes.....

    Found out last Wednesday that I will be taking urine test today (Monday). Immediately went t GNC and bought some cleansing products (Garden & Greens brand AcaiBlast Chews as well as Garden & Greens 48 Hour Liquid Detox) as well as a bottle of QCarbo Clear 20 with the five vitamin pills. Since Wednesday, diet was mainly rice, chicken, eggs, pasta, ahi tuna, peanuts. Mainly drank water (with the liquid cleanse and without), juices (OJ & Cran) and a few Powerade drinks. I cut out just about all soda (drank about half a 20oz. bottle a day) and only had three beers on Friday, no other alcohol. Followed the directions (in between meals) for the liquid cleanse while eating a few of the Acai chews each day. Drank a shitload of water each day as I needed to get my body to urinate with regularity. I work outdoors most days and since I sweat a lot at work I was only urinating about 2 times a day (wake up/prior to bed). Took a home test (Pharmatech at home test THC only - purchased at RiteAid) on Friday and failed as expected. Continued the cleanse routine with a lot water. Woke up around noon on Sunday and figured I would try the QCarbo on a home test first. Made sure I urinated so it wouldn't be the first one of the day and followed the QCarbo instructions - drank 20oz. of water, wait 15 min, drink QCarbo with the pills, wait 20 min, drink another 20oz of water. Urinated twice while waiting for the hour to pass for the QCarbo to kick in. About an hour and twenty minutes after taking QCarbo, I took another home test (First Check Family brand THC only - purchased at RiteAid). PASSED the home test. Thought I would be ok...

    Drank water & continued cleanse products throughout Sunday. Urinated frequently from Sunday through the middle of the night, just about hourly. Woke up this morning at 5:30. Drank 20oz. of water at 5:45. Drank QCarbo with pills at 6. Drank another 20oz. of water at 6:20. Left for work/test. I knew I would have to sit through a safety presentation before test. Took urine test at 7:50 and FAILED. Test was a 12 drug scan I believe, but I'm positive the brand was iCup. Lady wouldn't tell me why I failed, but marijuana is the only thing it could be.

    So draw your own conclusions...
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    i am 130 5'7 i have a drug test coming up in 10 days i bought 1 qcarbo with the energy vitamns im not sure how this helps me pass a drg test i need directions and are there other products thta help can flush the thc out of my system
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    There is no product that can permanently flush your body of THC, as those sales pitches would like the consumer to believe. "Detox" drinks work by temporarily diluting your bladder long enough for the sample to register a negative. Nothing special. The same thing can be accomplished by using just tap water.

    Only time and fat-burning activities can rid the body of THC.

    Any product that doesnt have any sort of user instructions should not be trusted and should be avoided at all costs.
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    Younguser you have a little time on your side. You have couple of options - dillution or substitution. Dillution: First read the sticky on dillution then get some test strips on line or at your local pharmacy (tons cheaper on line). You need to test yourself to see how you are doing. Exercise, exercise, exercise. You need to get your heart pumping and burn some excess fat. Go on a high fiber diet including lots of veggies, fruit and salads. Go to the store and purchase metamucil capsules and start taking the maximum dosage recommended. Try to eat several small meals through the day, this will help keep your metabolism up. About 3 days prior to your test, switch to a high fat diet and stop exercising. Incorporate red meat into your diet. The exercise was moving your thc metabolites from your fatty tissues to your bloodstream and exiting via your urine. You do not want this for your UA. Also 3 days prior to your test, begin taking a creatine supplement, get it at any gnc. The creatine along with the red meat will be processed into creatinine by your body. Creatinine levels are checked to see if you dilluted your sample. About 2-3 days out you will want to be checking your urine with your at home tests. Check both regular and dilluted samples to see if you pass with one or both. If you are passing then continue your routine and dillute the day of your test. The day of the test follow the dillution sticky but sub gatorade for water it will help with specific gravity tests to check if you dilluted. If it looks iffy you still have time to look at substitution.

    Substitution: Follow the sticky on subbing and search the threads for tips and other's comments.

    Good Luck
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    I forgot to mention but its a biggie, STOP SMOKING until you take your UA and for 2-3 days after if they call you back or ask you to re test for any reason.

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