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Drug Test Today or Tomorrow - Question?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by FLPrincess82, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. FLPrincess82

    FLPrincess82 Registered

    I'm not a regular pot smoker. The last time I smoked pot was late Thursday night. I probably smoked 2 bowls with 3 other people. The time before that was about a month ago, same situation, same people :) I'm subject to random drug testing, and surprise surprise I got the phone call this morning. I was freaked out so I went to Walgreens and bought an at home test. It came back negative. I'm still anxious because I have problems believing that pot can go through your system in in 4 days. Is this accurate and I should proceed with my urine or should I use something to replace my urine? I can put the test off till tomorrow but that's the latest. Thank you so much!
  2. buxter

    buxter Registered

    I read on erowid where some dude smoked on Friday and was clean by Monday, if you are too worried half diluting might help you.
  3. FLPrincess82

    FLPrincess82 Registered

    BTW both the control line and the thc line was faint on the test, but present.
  4. FLPrincess82

    FLPrincess82 Registered

    I used the Walgreens test where lines are a good thing!
  5. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    Did you use the first void(urination) of the day? If not, then you may have been diluted enough to test below cutoff levels.
  6. FLPrincess82

    FLPrincess82 Registered

    No I didn't use the first urine. The test isn't until tomorrow so I decided to buy another urine test and see how I do in the morning tomorrow when I wake up. If it comes back positive, what should I do? I already realized I smoked late Wednesday night, not Thursday night.
  7. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    If if comes back positive, then you have 2 options. One... Get a clean sample from a friend or head to your local headshop and try to find some Quick Fix synthetic urine. Either of this is the safest route and 100% full proof if you get the temperature right. The second would be the go with dilution and hope you can get below cutoff levels without over diluting. Its totally up to you, but the first option would be the safest. All the information on substitution and dilution are linked under my signature.

    If you happen to pass in the morning with the first void, then you'll have no problem passing the lab test.
  8. FLPrincess82

    FLPrincess82 Registered

    My boyfriend is giving me his pee. Should I just use that instead?
  9. FLPrincess82

    FLPrincess82 Registered

    Also, how long after I collect it do I need to use it? I can get it tonight but the test isn't till 1pm tomorrow.
  10. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    If you have access to a clean sample, then by all means use it. :thumbsup:

    If you get the clean sample tonight, stick it in the fridge overnight and take it out for your U/A tomorrow.

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