Drug Test Tomorrow 8-31

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by christmastreegreen, Aug 30, 2006.

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    new to posting on this site but have read loads of information on it for quite some time.

    I have a drug test tomorrow for probation and I have to pass. I smoked about 16 days ago and have been around mj a few times after the last time I smoked. This will be my second test. I failed my 1st test but they expected I would fail it. I have been drinking lots of cranberry juice and apple juice. The test that they use is an integrated cup (not the strips) and it is not sent off to a lab. I cannot remember if the test had a thing for testing adulteration in the specimen. So I really cannot adulterate my test. My metabolism is pretty slow. I read the dilution posts and I am going to go that route. Also, a good friend of mine :)rasta: ) told me to use apple cider vinegar. A shot tonight, A shot in the morning tomorrow, and a shot an hour before I take my test (Test is at: 1:00 PM) My friend has had to take many drug tests in his day, he always has passed his test using this method. I have also heard from some of my other friend's suregel about 2 hours before the test in a gatorade will work but I am not sure on that one. I took an at-home test about a week ago from walgreens and there was a really faint line. The instructions said that even a faint line means negative. If you have any suggestions for me, please respond.

    Thanks and btw the site rocks. :)

    P.S. When I dilute should I take some aspirin and take some vitamin? I can't remember which vitamin it was.
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    remember to work out as mch as you can and drink as much fluids as possible.

    ur gonna wanna take vitamin b before hand to make ur pee yellow so they cant tell your masking it

    good luck:thumbsup:
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    Suregel is a natural diuretic. Don't really need it though if you drink enough gatorade (at least 48 ounces then more every time you pee). Vinegar will do nothing! I repeat, vinegar will do nothing. It can help with some drugs but not THC. Take 4 325 mg aspirins and vitamin B-2 riboflavin about 4 hours before the test.
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    Also, do not work out the day before the test. It will help you burn THC faster but that close to the test the THC will end up in your piss.
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    I PASSED!!!!!!!!

    Passed the test!! :) :) :) :) :) Thanks everyone who replied. :) I am going 2 stik with this board and am going 2 start posting more on this site. Thanks again everyone!!!!!!

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