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    Hello world! Im new to these forums, and i have a question. I have an upcoming drug test on sept.25th. On that day i will be exactly 90 days clean. I have taken otc drug test and i have been passing them, but with a faint second line to make them negative. I am 5"11 and 235 pounds. I was a HEAVY smoker for about 5 years. Everyday/multiple times a day. Im not really overweight, i have a solid build and have been working out since i was 17(im25yrs old). But i have not worked out in the past year because of work, sickness and frankly laziness and lack of time. I just would like an honest opinion. Yall think ill be okay to pass the test. Im from jersey and its a conditional charge drug test for a first offender being arrested w/ weed. So i need to pass this to have a clean record. Again ill have 90 days clean from the test. My concern is my body weight at 230 and my frequent use. Anything insight will help. Thank you!
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    Faint, schmaint. A line is a line.
    From that, and what you posted, you can stop worrying.
    Just don't do any heavy exercise before the test and you will pass.
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    Thanks for the feedback, sir!

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