Drug Testing DURING Interview? A little help..

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by vej33, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. vej33

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    Hey guys... I have a job interview on Friday, and I recieved an email saying that Drug Testing may be required, yada yada - i'm over the "may be" required part, and am basicaly just assuming I'm going to be tested.

    Since they need me to authorize this piece of information before the interview, does that mean I'm going to be tested on the day of the interview? or do they want me to authorize it so they don't waste their time interviewing me, and then they can set up the appointment or something?
  2. killerweed420

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    It probably depends on whether they like you in the interview. I would go prepared just in case.
  3. vej33

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    grrr, im going to have to try the dillution method..

    im such an idiot, i abstained from smoking for 3 months while looking for a job. i found one, and began smoking again for a couple weekends, and then i decided i needed to find a new job b/c the current one blows and doesn't pay well...

    so now im friggging out a little

    grr again
  4. killerweed420

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    This is why so many of us advocate subbing with synthetic urine. There's no reason to have to change your lifestyle for something that is really none of there business.
  5. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    yeaa i considered subbing, but i just know i'd get the temperatures wrong, or do something stupid... like tie it to my leg but pop it so it looks like i just pissed my pants or something

  6. billos

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    Many companies are turning to saliva tests. These can be done by almost anyone and on the spot. If you go for an interview and they offer the job they may pull out the ole swab. They know you cannot cheat and the only good thing is it only detects use for about 72 hours. I've seen many people get surprised. Lowes uses this technique. I know a guy who went for the second interview and got the offer. They then pulled out the swab and took his saliva. They can take the swab but then they have to send it to the lab. He failed and ended up sitting at home with his many dollars spent on urine subs and delivery devices. I suggest that you abstain for 4 days at least if you know an interview is coming up.

    "What do we do next when peaceful protest perpetually fails and efforts to change the law keeps falling on deaf ears?"
  7. vej33

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    it would actually be in my better interest if they surprised me with a swab test, considering i havent' smoked anything in about a week.

    sigh... P-Day is tomorrow

    i just have a bad feeling :eek:

    if my interview is tomorrow, and they test me, i wonder how long it takes to get back urine tests. i wonder if labs even do that shit over the wknd.

    god i hope i don't hav to wait another week to find out, i'll freaking die.
  8. killerweed420

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    If you can't sub then read the dillution sticky and follow that the morning of the test. Results usually come back in 2 or 3 business days.
  9. vej33

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    yea i read the dilution sticky a few days ago.

    i ate red meat yesterday, something i just naturally never do, and it said creatine metabolises into creatinine (or whatever it is..) in 24-48 hours, so im hoping that because i don't generally eat red meat, it'll show up tomorrow

    i picked up Bayer asprin tonight (that shit is expensive, 6 bucks for the smallest bottle they had) and a gatorade to splice in my water loading tomorrow

    i have multivitamins (im going to take 2, because i did a test run yesterday and the 1 i took never turned my pee yellow... although i could hav just had too much water)

    annnd.. the rest is just up to fate i guess.

    watch, they aren't even going to test me. i'd be surprised if they did tho, honestly. why would they test me if they weren't sure they wanted to hire me? unless they decide on the spot.

    tricky bastards. i guess i'll update on if i got it or not after my interview tomorrow.

    wish me luuuucckk
  10. suzieque

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    hmm, I got my aspirin for about $1.50 at Walmart... tiny bottle of generic.

    we're not sure how much aspirin still helps... it was an old way to foil an old test, but since theres not much harm in taking a few aspirin (unless you are allergic or get stomach upset), most people still do it for the dilution method.

    The vitamin that colors your urine yellow is the B2. How much B2 does your multi-vitamin have? I got a BComplex and took 2 a couple of hours before the test. My BComplex has 20mg Riboflavin (B2) which is 1,176% of the %daily value. I definitely saw a color change in about an hour!

    I guess all companies are different regarding drug testing. We are required by law to run background checks and drug test everyone that works for us. In the new hire paperwork is the drug form that you take to the lab. Other companies test on the spot (but lots are using the same kind of drug tests that you can buy at the store).

    Keep us posted!
  11. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    Oohhh, my multivitamin only has 100% daily Riboflavin... but im taking 2, so maybe it'll color it a little. I mean, 1 usually turns my sample a LITTLE cloudy, but I wasn't sure if that was the vitamin, or just me.

    lol watch, I'm going to take 2, and probably throw up on the subway. Taking more than 1 vitamin at a time has been known to make me do that (though never on the subway lol) i guess it'll just make the interview that much easier.

    the shabang is @ 12 today, so by 2 or 3 i should be dunksi and ready to report.

    thanks for all your guys' help, i certainly hope i won't be needing it! :hippy:
  12. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    allright well, no drug test today. im sure if im offered the position there will be, so i water-loaded for nothinggg lol, but that's allright, because hopefully im offered the position i will have some time to really prepare... take some creatine suppliments, get some real vitamins and whatnot.

    nothing like being hydrated tho lol i had to piss directly before and after the interview.

    interview was awesome, ps, best interview i've ever had, or given. job's all right, nothing i'd hate doing, but defff gonna require a piss test. ah!! i guess i'll be stuck on this subject for another week!
  13. billos

    billos Registered+


    Pee before AND after the interview??? I think not. Many holes in ur story.....be serious or don't post
  14. vej33

    vej33 Registered+


    alright so i thought i'd just kill the suspense and went out and bought a (fuckin 16 dollar) Marijuana Home Drug Test...

    Turns out I didn't come up positive, but I DIDN'T COME UP NEGATIVE....

    Figures there would be some bullshit middle ground.

    No lines is fine, 2 lines is fucked, but ONE LINE: send to the lab for further testing... piece of shit...

    anyway, im hoping i can stall these ppl if they offer me the job.. IF i get the job offer, and perhaps that will happen at some point in this next week, I can say that I need some time to think it over, as I am deciding between several other opportunities... THEN if/when I accept, I can probably push the TEST back another week... Grrrrr, I just want to smoke again... This is so ridiculous, I abstained for THREE months b/c i thought this shit would happen.

    Anyway, I guess it's my own fault. BAH!
  15. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    im going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were stoned off some really dank shit when you posted this, because you're the one that doesn't make sense, my friend

    i didn't get the test today, as I mentioned in the post you're referring to, but since i water-loaded in preperation, i had six 8oz glasses of water to piss out, and a bottle of Gatorade, so i had to take a leak before and after my interview...

    I don't claim to be interesting, but I'm not a liar, and I don't poke holes in my stories.
  16. billos

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    No, I wish I were stoned. That's the problem. I assumed you meant piss before and after FOR the actual test. Guess you were doing it for experimentation. That's what I get for ASSuming. Apology accepted?
  17. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    Accepted! :thumbsup:
  18. killerweed420

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    I would still pickup some cheap thc test strips off ebay. You can get them for about $1.30 each. Just for your own personal reference as to how long you take to get rid of the thc metabolites. But subbing is really the best way to go. You don't have to change your lifestyle for some shitty test. And keeping the heat right is really quite easy.
  19. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    yea i have been thinking about it, but i live with a relative at the moment, my aunt, in a new city, and would have no way of heating the synthetic stuff up without her knowing about it. we live in close quarters.

    so changing my lifestyle ever so slightly is inevitable at the moment, unfortch. but i mean, i think i hav enough time to get the rest out of my system before the test... and i'll definitely be jogging and training with weights for the duration of time up until a few days before the actual test, whenever that is, so i can UP my metabolism a little more.

    watch, after all this i won't get the job offer lol
  20. vej33

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    brief update

    okay SO, i got a call today saying that on Thursday i'd know if I got the job or not. it's between me and one other person.

    if i get offered the job, i have a small window of time in which to think about it... BUT.. my friend said that when she was offered a job (at a different company), and asked for time to think about it, they said "Take all the time you need to think about it, but you have 48 hours to take a drug test." Is that a common thing to happen?

    Should I be preparing to take a test on Friday or Saturday?

    here is my biggest fear... if i fail the drug test and don't get the job, whatever, i have another inteview lined up at the Julliard school, and nobody has said anything yet about a drug test there.. my biggest fear is if i fail, i have to tell my Aunt, who is housing me in the city currently...

    what the fuck do i do about that???

    on Saturday it will make 2 whole weeks since my last toke (i can't believe it's only been two fucking weeks...) so i'm preparing to dilute the shit out of my sample. had a double-meat roast beef 6 inch from subway today to start increasing my creatine (does anyone know how long creatinine stays in your system, btw? i know it takes 2 or 3 days for creatine to metabolize into creatinine, but how long does THAT stay??).

    Anyone anyone anyone anyone anyone ANYONE??? starting to freak out.
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