Drug testing on newborn babies.

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Gunner420, Apr 19, 2009.

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    i'm a lil worried too. My wife is thinking of stopping vaporizing a month prior to getting pregnant. So is it true that weed will make an unhealthy baby? I hear both answers and looking for more opinions or facts.
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    I'm not a doctor but I see plenty of women having to deal with Child Protective Services due to the discovery of prior drug use during the process of delivery.

    Testing for fetal exposure to illicit drugs is commonly achieved through testing the mother via a blood and/or urine test and/or umbilical cord tissue or meconium staining analysis.
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    I personally haven't seen any case where CPS got involved where only indications of cannabis use were present. They're generally going after the methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin users.

    Of course I hope everyone realizes that tobacco and alcohol use are just as dangerous to the health of the unborn child as the illcit substances.
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    As I stated in my old post. If the thugs pull this shit on you be sure to request a confirmation test. That is the only thing that saved my neice from having here child stolen by the government.
    And I would highly recommend that women stop smoking before they get pregnant. Its not that cannabis is in any way dangerous for the fetus, its not. But the potential is there for having your child stolen from you. Its very traumatic.
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    Word. Well..regardless..i think i'm gonna quit w/ my wife a month b4 conceiving and during her pregnancy just to support her! :)

    Im gonna send this topic over to the guys over at Medical Marijuana Bootcamp to see if they have any good things to say. http://medicalmarijuanabootcamp.com
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    You're so sweet :) Any girl would be lucky to have you. I quit for my boyfriend when he had to stop smoking for a pre-employment drug test, and it made it SO much easier for him. I can stop smoking and not even notice; he feels awful after a few hours of not smoking, so it was nice that I could provide that support for him.
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