Dry in the QC?

Discussion in 'Iowa (IA)' started by heathmo, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. heathmo

    heathmo Registered

    Does anybody know why? All we've got are mids and overpriced regs from shady characters. What the hell is the deal?
  2. iowaherb

    iowaherb Registered

    idk man im from clinton and just moved to des moines lookin for some too. its pretty dry.
  3. IowaStoner

    IowaStoner Registered

    I'm in the QuadCities and I can't find a damn thing. Sucks.
  4. heathmo

    heathmo Registered


    Des Moines is out too? Shit that's terrible. That's where I heard our last shipment came from. This is bullshit man. It's been months since a good supply ran through here. I'm about to head west to the promised land of Cali if this shit don't stop.

    I also heard about a sign in the IL QC that says you think it's dry now, wait til next month. Who's thinking what I'm thinking, "Fuck tha Police"

    Anyways, if anyone knows what the hell is going on, definitely keep the rest of us poor souls in IA posted.
  5. iowaherb

    iowaherb Registered

    Its fair out in des moines now.
    Mostly nug which is odd.
    A lot of busts have gone down lately.
    I think im just going to start growing my own.:Rasta:
  6. heathmo

    heathmo Registered

    Sounds about right, that's all we've got down here too. Last I heard it came from up that way. Still waiting to hear about some other stuff. A couple of people have come up with some good regs, but I don't know who they are. I'm just hoping that this doesn't end up driving the prices up like it has in so many other areas. There was a reason people down here made so much on their stuff, people from hours away would drive to the QC to buy it because it was cheaper here, and good quality. :hippy:
  7. heathmo

    heathmo Registered

    Wish some of that would make it here

    It's ridiculous man, not a thing here in the QC, unless you want to pay $125-$140 for regs, it ain't worth it. The regs for $140 look good, but are probably a 1/4 seeds. If it doesn't change soon, it'll be time to move. Looks like the government would rather have a bunch of non-functioning alcoholics than productive stoners here in the QCA.

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