Dryer dumping humidty into my grow room

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by KiNdBlunt, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. KiNdBlunt

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    My dryer is hooked-up to a duct that vents directly into my basement. My grow tent is set up in my basement and its making my humidity go up to about 70% with temperatures at like 55. This is gonna be where I flower my plants so I want it to be controlled before I put them in there. What could I do to sustain a reasonable humidity? Should I get a dehumidifier to cancel out the dryer or just vent the dryer elsewhere? My light should bring temps up to a more reasonable level with 600W HPS but I'm really worried about the humidity right now. Is there anyone out there that has encountered these problems in their basement before?
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    can you vent your dryer outside? That would be a solution. Though you would probably want a dehumidifier in your basement anyway since most basements retain moisture in the air.

    I would just get one and put it next to your grow spot. If your grow area is in an enclosed space in your basement even better, but basically you just want to reduce the humidity around your plants. It'd be a hassle to reduce humidity for the entire basement (assuming it's the same square footage as your homes living area 1 level up).
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    yeah the basement is definitely more humid than the rest of the house . It's an unfirnished basement and it does have a slight powdery mildew smell but there isnt any standing water or any sign of increased humidity other than the dryer venting right near my grow tent. I've been looking into space heaters and de-humidifiers but I wondered if a little oil heater will help reduce humidity enough in my grow area. I just want to know the cheapest and most effective fix for this, and if it is a de-humidifier than thats what I will get.
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    dehumidifiers can be had for $75-100 shipped on ebay. An oil heater is just going to add additional heat. The humidity will probably still be there. If you want to go the burning route then you might as well get one of those gas burners that make CO2.
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    i've vented the dryer outside of the room and it seemed to help a little bit but my humidity is still at 50% and the temp is at 61. I think i'm gonna need a dehumidifier afterall.
  6. daihashi

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    50% isn't really bad at all, but your temps are a little low. You'll want to try to get them up between 70-80 (mine tend to hover between 73-77 @ 45-50% humidity). It's supposed to be a good RH for flowering. Vegging my humidity was between 30-40%, now that I have more foliage my humidity has increased a bit in my grow space which good for me.

    I would get a small dehumidifier (like 20-30pint) and maybe a space heater fan to blow some warm air over your plants from a slight distance.

    but 50% humidity is not bad. In relation to your temperature though I would say not that great either.

    If you're trying to cheap it out I would say that your plants will probably make it through just fine.
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    Vents that carry humidity such as dryer vents and bathroom fans should ALWAYS be vented to the outside...people that run their vents to their attic or basement and crawl space are asking for trouble.
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    I too live in a old house...dates back to early 1800s...basement was always dampish...mold problems were common...we bought a 40pint Delonghi..put it in the basement..problems ended..Well worth the money and no more worries about damp basements and mold...also helped with our allergies for all of us..by all means get the excess moisture vented to the outside...its not healthy for all involved...

    Treetops :jointsmile:

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