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    So ive built a drying container out of a cardboard box.
    I poked 5 holes on the bottom on parallel walls,
    which draw in air, passing the buds; hanging upside down
    which are poked through another cardboard box, which is
    held by a cardboard shelf. Topped by a floor fan, that ive
    layed on the top.

    Alright, so i apologize for the unclear explaination, But i've
    included a diagram. Now what my question is,
    "Will this over dry my bud too quickly?"

    I want to dry my buds over a week, trying to get a smooth smoke.
    It doesnt seem to be too strong of an air flow over the drying buds.
    Also i am keeping the box in my bedroom, with average temperature (75F)
    and average moisture levels (55%)

    If the fan will over dry my buds, i could always remove it.
    Tell me what you guys think!

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    Hello mmmbud,

    You don't want to dry it too fast. Temps should be around 65-75 with a humidity of around 50%.

    Hang your branches (with buds still attached) in a dark place with a fan circulating the air (not blowing on the buds though). I hang my buds in a closest with the closet door open and a ceiling fan circulating the air. You may want to sanitize your grow area using a spray bottle and rubbing alcohol.

    Let it dry for about a week or until the branches will snap in half. Then you can start the canning process.

    Do your final manicure and cut the buds off the branches and put them in a glass jar (mason jar, hermetic jar or any other jar that can be sealed airtight. Check out an Arts & Crafts store if you can't find any).

    Open the glass jars each day for about 4-6 hours to allow fresh air in. Do this for 3-4 weeks then you bud should be ready (you could smoke it after 1 week of canning but it may be a bit harsh & not burn as well). The reason it would still be harsh is that there are still sugars in the plant, allowing it to cure slowly for 3-4 you give it time for the sugars to break down making your smoke more smooth.

    The big thing is to keep it out of the light, light will cause the THC to break down and lower the potency.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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