Drying buds in the oven

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by upinsmokeuk, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. upinsmokeuk

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    Couple of days ago got a q of soaking wet bud,the night i got it i couldnt even smoke it cause it was drenched,finally after a day i decided to put it in the oven.Placed the buds on a dish turned the oven on for about a minute switched it off,placed the plate in the oven with the buds and closed the door,went for a beer and returned to my weed.I couldnt believe it,it had shrank ,disitigrated,looked like 2 joints was left gutted ,still smoked the buds and they were killa strong but defanetly wouldnt advise the oven method unless you keep a close eye on your smoke.:mad:
  2. BobBong

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    uhhhh what temperature did you put it on ? BROIL???
  3. LIP

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    cannabis weight is about 70+% water, so never buy wet weed cos you dont get what your paying for.
  4. BobBong

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    Exactly..a good sale will never involve bud that is not manicured and dried from the initial harvest. A certain dankness is permitable.. it shows fresh qualit bud.. depending on density.:stoned: :stoned: :stoned:
  5. upinsmokeuk

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    I know mate,cause theres not much about a lot of dealers in my area are soaking the weed.
  6. Nochowderforyou

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    Wet buds will shrink when dried. I know when I sometimes helped trim buds up, they would be huge at first cut, but a week later when dried they were about 1/3 of original size.

    Like the above posters said, wet weed loses about 70-80% of it's weight, so you can see why it shrinks and shrivels up.
  7. Zoosh

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    Can you eat wet bud and get high ?
  8. LIP

    LIP Banned

    I know mate, its happening around me all the time, and our supply is back to normal. It's allways happening, and if its all you can get then fair do's.

    I've been forced to buy wet weed twise, but i dont think i'd do it again.

    And fresh bud, or just eating raw bud wont get you high. You'd have to eat loads and loads. It need to be cooked down with oil/butter/alcohol to it can actually absorb into your blood./
  9. BobBong

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    what temperature did you put the oven on?

    When trying to dry bud like that you should simply warm it up in the oven to the minimal temp. that's like.. 125-150 depening on your oven.. as long as you don't leave it in there for 10 minutes, you shouldn't have a problem..

    You cooked your bud, is what happened.. i think you know this now. But next time, try warming the bud through by bringing it up to a minimum temp instead of putting it in a hot oven.

  10. upinsmokeuk

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    Nail on the spot:its wet but its grade a and id rather have that than some dank weed that takes a ten bag just to get you stoned.
  11. Buddhaman1987

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    This is Ridiculous...

    I had just harvested the first plant I ever grew yesterday... hung them up and was definately smiling... It looked as though I had at least an ounce of really dank buds... now I come home from fucking work and my shit is almost more than half gone!!!!!! Shit is see thru. Does anybody know if this shit keeps shrinking throughout the week or just mostly on the first day becuase at this rate my bud will dis-a-fuckin-ppear to nothing... I'have never been so fucking dissappointed I can't even stop fucking cursing.. please anyone who can help me out with a response would be appreciated...
  12. TheGanjaKing420

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    when drying, the buds will lose 70-80% of their weight. And yes, they will shrink as well. This is normal. The first couple days are usually the biggest shrinkers. How are you drying it? If you dry it out too fast it can be a bad thing.

    and you do realize this thread is over 2 years old, right?
  13. jchap

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  14. smok3y

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    Man this thread is over 2 years old Lol..

    And yes your buds will keep shrinking untill completly dry...


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