Drying your own urine?

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    While dreaming of a magical land where finding and keeping a job does not involve having to spend so much of one's time and awareness thinking about piss, I have noticed that there seems to be two types of substitution products: Synthetic Urine which is in a liquid form and has a relatively long shelf life, and Human Urine which is in a dry form and has a short shelf life once mixed.

    Both types of products are relatively expensive (sure, $30 - $50 bucks is cheaper than job loss, but still, we are still talking about spending money on piss :cool: ), so I started wondering if it would be possible to create a dried urine from one's own system when clean of THC metabolites (or from a clean friend).

    I sort of assumed that you'd need some kind of fancy freeze drying apparatus and science knowledge to make the dried product, but decided to look around and see what info I could find.

    I haven't found too much information, but I did find this:

    Substitution @ Drug-Test-Facts.com

    Now, the idea of the odor of evaporating urine in your home seems somewhat awful, but maybe not so bad if done in a bathroom with the fan running.

    What do you think? Pee in a glass pan. Heat it slowly on a low setting on a hotplate beneath the exhaust fan until it is dry. Scrape up and store the powder, maybe with some sort of desiccant to keep it dry. I imagine that it could be evaporated quickly enough that fermentation and other nastiness wouldn't have time to start.

    When needed, mix with water until it reaches the original volume.

    Would something dried like this store well and maintain the proper chemical signs to pass a test?

    Well, what of it? Ever 'roll your own', so to speak? Or is this just too disgusting to contemplate?


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