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    Okay i have just cut a medium size nug off my plant my plant still has about two weeks i think and then its done. I wanted to know if im am drying it in a good way or not because i want to learn how to dry then cure before my plant harvest. I placed the nug hanging upside down in a shoe box standing onits side i slit small hole all around the shoe box. Also i thought since the cardboard is very dry it will suck up the moisture a lot easier so i threw in two silica packets from the shoe box and one from a medicine bottle. I also have a fan facing the box to help air rate it. and how long should i dry it for and when should i know its done?
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    hi dude, here's a good place to start
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    Okay, I can snap the top of the stem. but not in the middle do you want the bud to be completely dry before you put it in the mason jar or just for the stem to snap?
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