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    Trisher positively refuses to let me grow anywhere on her real estate, this being one of the reasons I no longer share her duvet.
    Whilst there and in a fit of patio tending I dug the weeds out of the cracks between the paving slabs and filled in the gap with cement......The dugging took the better part of a whole day and knowing of my dismal seed to weed grow failures pre our relationship she smirkely voiced comments a-la 'pity it's not the type of weed you like to grow then there would be none at all.' and flounced back into the kitchen to converse with the cat.
    This got me thinking....If Cannabis is a weed why don't it grow and sprout up anywhere, patio slabs included, the moment your back's turned the way weed-weed does on any untended terrain?
    Look at Japanese Bindweed, it practicly grows as you stare at it!

    My theory: Waccy-weed has been crossbred and generally so buggered about with that it is all fucked-up like an over mothered wanky brat of a child. (And Ms Trisher has previously raised a pair of those, aged 40 & 43 now).

    In the days when Dinosurs Ruled the World there was no HID,s - LED - Wheelbarrows full of Earth-casings, 6.somethingPH's and absolutely no Proper Way To Water A...etc. yet I'm sure there were jungles full of the hardiest Outdoor Variety a Neanderthal Trisher would have had to eradicate prior to laying her sodding patio!!

    Is it possible to un-crossbreed backwards.....I'd name it Trishanese Patioweed and I know exactly where I'd plant it......that would wipe the smirk off her clock.
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    lol, Trisher seems a bit confused. I am hoping that the cat agreed with you.

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