Dumb Question..How Much is a 1/4 Ounce Digitally?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by cuervorocks, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. cuervorocks

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    No, I'm not stoned but stumped....

    Could be early stages of senior moment-itis for all I know...

    or I skipped this class one too many times in school...

    what does a quarter ounce read on a digital scale? What increment?

    I just know 0.2 is NOT a quarter ounce no matter how it's sliced and diced.

    Clue me in pls


    Cuervo's Dad
  2. Italiano715

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  3. ForgetClassC

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    or if your scale is reading in OZ, .25
  4. cuervorocks

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    Thx for your responses..I think.

    Italiano715 > no idea what you meant by 7 grams.

    ForgetClassC > that sounds more like it and what I was thinking but I wasn't sure. Thx

    I have this digital scale I just picked up and was testing it out with some coffee grounds and I can change the weight from lbs to oz on the scale. It doesn't have the capability to do .25, it's shows either 0.2 or 0.3 and so forth on up.
    I think I got short changed then cause it's showing 0.2 with the grounds I have on there. So I'm guessing then by your numbers that I'm one-tenth of an oz short going by this scale.


    Thx for your replies guys
  5. Italiano715

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    there are 28 grams in a ounce. So 1/4 of 28 is 7 grams my friend.
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  6. DreadedHermie

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    Sounds like "grounds for a refund." :lol5::S2:

    Sorry. (Ahem).

    Cuervo, if your scale is reading .2 oz and it's "hiding" (truncating) another digit, you could get up to .29 oz. on it and it'll still only show ".2."

    If you double your quantity, 2 x .25 = .50, so you could get a .5 reading and check it that way. Of course, if it only weighs .49oz, your readout's only gonna be able to show ".4". Scales don't generally "round up" if that makes any sense--they just display as many digits as they can. So your scale could be dead-nuts-on, it's just not able to show you that last digit. :thumbsup:

    Your one-tenth oz. calculation is incorrect, though (not that it's relevant to anything).

    .2oz = .20oz, right?

    Soooo-.25 (hypothetical "actual" weight)
    minus--.20 (displayed weight)
    equals .05 difference (five one-hundreths, or half of a tenth)

    Whew! Did that make sense?
  7. Italiano715

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    Just go get some digital scales that way out the 1/10 of a gram and then way the qtr. You can get a good pair for like $40

    Really, IDK what your doing trying to weigh a qtr with "big boy" scales.

    You'll shit yourself or somebody else every time just like mentioned above.
  8. cuervorocks

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    Whew...thanks for the replies. I had to read them real s-l-o-w to follow the math.

    Your grams confused me there Italiano715 because I wasn't sure where the grams equation fit into my dilemma. I have this digital kitchen scale that has 2 modes, lb and oz. So the 7 grams answer was a "huh?" for me. Probably why I'm not a chef :D

    DreadedHermie > I think your answer is probably spot on, at least the way I read it and understood it. Grounds for a refund...nice :thumbsup: . So going by your calculations, or my scale, I can gather I was shorted 1/2 of a tenth. What is that, like a granual?

    Not having that extra digit > 0.25 and instead it shows 0.2 was where I became dazed and confused and why I sought the expert help here.

    I guess I can deal with being a granual short. Rather it was the other way around, but by looking at it upon inspection and prior to weighing my "grounds" I really thought I was shorted alot more than that.

    Thx for everyone's replies!

    Cheers \_/ or :smokin:
  9. NextLineIsMine

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    a kitchen scale isnt really that great for weighing ounces, get a pocket scale

    You dont know grams? Have you ever bought weed? Youre either a big time mooch or a grower
  10. scrumby

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    A nickel is 5 grams, a dollar bill is 1 gram. A coat hanger makes a balance scale real easy.
  11. DreadedHermie

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    All we can assume is that your "quarter" weighs more than .2oz, but less than .3oz.

    Your scale could be dead on. (don't really know...)
    And your "quarter" could weight exactly a quarter oz. (.25oz.)

    Think about it: how's your scale gonna display .25 when it can't show enough numbers?

    You need a scale with more precision, for weighing such small quantities. It's like you're trying to weigh a sesame seed on a scale that's designed to weigh an entire Big Mac. Or, to put it in terms Hermie can relate to, it's like trying to weigh a stripper on a truck scale. She's too light to even register on the truck scale, but does she weigh "zero?" My face says differently. ;)

    Let's continue this analogy, because Hermie is now having pleasant mental pictures. :D

    Let's weigh the dancer on our bathroom scale. It says she weighs 120 lbs, in her stiletto heels with a pocketful of condoms. Let's ask her to "hold" our quarter oz. What's the scale gonna say? 120.015625 pounds? Naw, it's probably still gonna say 120 lbs.

    Let's say she decides to dance for us, and we start giving her dollar bills. (Dollar bills weigh about 1 gram each.) By the time we've tipped her about 454 bucks (usually about 10 minutes if Hermie thinks she's hot) she'll trip the scale at 121 lbs. Is this making any sense?

    Or, do like NextLine sez and get a scale from the headshop.

    Your current scale cannot tell you what you want to know.

    BTW, WTF is a "granual?" You made that up, right?
  12. passitplz

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    Actually, he was shorted. It could be by just a little bit or a little more but he was positively shorted atleast somewhat. The reason being, if the sack was a true quarter ounce, then the scale would have read .3 because .25 (a quarter ounce) would have rounded up to .3 on his scale, but it rounded down to .2 meaning his sack weighed anywhere from .15 of an ounce to .24 of an ounce
  13. Weezard

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    Pearls declined.

    Um, :rolleyes:
    Perhaps them granules are nooculoor?:D
    The "non_rounding concept" appears even more complex that the inverse square law.;)
    I want some of what passitplz is smokin'!:stoned::stoned::stoned:

    So you beat your head on dis stone wall cause it feel good when you stop?


    Wee 'zard
  14. DreadedHermie

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    No wonder there's so much violence...

    "Authorities today speculate the turf war was precipitated by an alleged shorted delivery in a narcotics transaction..." :rambo:
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  15. TheMagnanimous

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    While this imprecise rounding scale may be part of the problem, I think the bigger problem here is your unfamiliarity with math/weight.

    Assuming you got .2 oz's not .25 oz's you lost more than a gram..... not a "granule". Then again if you don't know what grams are.... well for comparison, it's like losing a pretty good joint's worth.

    You might want to first just go to wikipedia and read about grams, ounces and pounds and how those all fit together, get all that straight in your head before proceeding.
  16. JohnnyZ

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    Dude just go buy a new scale already. It sounds like it might be easier for you than doing all this complicated mathematics.
  17. Italiano715

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    Yeah, I agree... I said that in one of my posts awhile back and now everybody wants to do math! LOL

    Not taking away from those who tried to help him, but yeah, either way you look at it, he's being shorted or getting too much.
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    this thread makes me feel brilliant
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