Dwarf the plants or not?

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    I'm considering to grow Nirvana special from nirvana seeds, and I'm thinking if I should make many dwarf plants(starting flowering after 1 week) or make a few big ones. How many plants would be possible with dwarfing or growing big ones? Any guess for yield per plant if starting flowering after a week or two?

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    I need the same question awnsered, but its hard to get feedback if ur not a chick bro lol

    I think u should see ur growing space then determine how much of a "Dwarf" it will be

    Cause once induced to flowering the plant doubles in size, so if u have 18" of growing space

    then u should flower when the plant is like 7-9 inches high and LSTing (Low Stress Training)

    can work very well in that way of using grow space.

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    after a week or 2?
    almost nothing
  4. If your starting from seeds, you need to let those plants veg for awhile, they need to mature. once you have a veg'd plant and you are able to sex it, you can create clones and then dwarf those. This is something that you wont be able to do straight from a seed.
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    Flowering too early (before sexual maturity) can stress the plant.
    If you want to keep them low, train them by bending.

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