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    Alcohol tinctures have been around forever and THC tinctures are no different. Fortunately for us today science has been a great help in making a THC tincture a lot stronger than in days of yore.

    Today we've learned that the THC in our favorite plant needs to be chemically changed. It's a simple process that occurs naturally over time, but we can speed it up using heat.

    There are several popular methods and there's even a decarb device for sale for $210. Since I don't have a spare couple hundred I'll stick to my Black & Decker toaster oven from the Salvation Army for $3.99 and a 8 dollar oven thermometer.

    Today I'm using 4.5 grams of a hybrid home grown sativa leaning flower which should be good for daytime pain relief. Basically I put the buds through a course grinder, remove stems and place on a glass plate and cover with foil. For hash I just put it in foil.

    Heat the oven to 150 F and cook for 30 minutes then raise the temp to 225 and cook another 30 minutes. It may not be decarbed 100% like the decarb device advertises but this method has served me well.

    Believe it or not a good working toaster oven works better than an oven due to the smaller heating area. Who'd a thunk?

    The weed is now placed in the Crock Pot and 60 ml of the Everclear is added. Here in CA our politicians don't trust us with the 190 proof so it is what it is.

    Plug in the slow cooker, mash with a fork, don't cover, stir and mash often and keep your eye on it. As the alcohol heats it will evaporate. When the mixture becomes less liquid, between 1-2 hours add another 60 ml of Everclear.

    After 3-4 hours add another 60 ml, if needed, cover loosely and cook for another hour. Cool and strain into a glass container. I use a 99 Cent stainless steel strainer lined with cheese cloth. Squeeze out all the liquid and put in colored bottles.

    This makes a very potent tincture if using bud high in THC. Test by putting a few drops under your tongue and wait 15-20 minutes. I like to make them strong as it's easy to dilute with more alcohol if needed and I like using less.

    Tinctures last a long time if properly kept in colored bottles in the fridge or freezer and are essential when making infused candies.

    The pic of the amber bottle is 26 ml Everclear with a half gram of hash. The hash was decarbed but the mix hasn't been heated. I can keep this bottle in a dark warm place, shake it often and within a week or two it should be good.

    I ended up with approx 40 ml. Two drops under the tongue works well. This will last me for at least a month. :thumbsup:

    WARNING!!! Grain alcohol such as Everclear is highly flammable. Do NOT Smoke when using. I highly recommend doing all cooking with alcohol outside away from open flame or sparks. Don't turn yourself into Richard Pryor... :eek:

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