dying from weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by shiscobob, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

    ok, so nobody has ever died from weed? nobody has ever had a heart attack, or anything like that before?

    when ive gotton high, ive realy freaked myself out, thinking i was going to have a heart attack and die. or stop breathing, or have some kind of problems because of my uncontrolable shaking. and aslo wondering, what if im always going to be like this, and it will never wear off.

  2. EbertsFat

    EbertsFat Registered

    That used to happen to me...I think it was because I was nervous thinking my mom or dad would catch me all fucked up. Or I'd be with my friends and every car I would see I would think it was a police car...so just...relax...and shit...
  3. cracclx

    cracclx Registered+

    It's anxiety. I have the same problem's, although they just started about a month ago. What I do is breath in through your nose and count to 5, and breath out through your mouth and count to 5. Your heart racing is caused by your breathing and your thoughts of dying or having a heart attack, but, if you do my little breathing excercise and DO NOT think about dying it'll go away. Also, remember that marijuana does slightly increase your heart rate.
  4. Dplaya4life03

    Dplaya4life03 Registered+

    Yea i use to have that wen i first started blazing. But now i can smoke as much as i want and not get all paranoid and shit. I thought I would always get like that 2 everytime i smoked, but it kinda wears off eventually after uve gotten use to smoking a lot.

    P.s.- i've done that breathing thing b4 and it does help to calm urself down when u have extreme paranoia.
  5. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    paranoia is a cycle you freak out a bit cause your heart is beating fast which causes your heart to beat faster causing you to freak out more. No one has ever had a heart attack from weed and there is no way to scare yourself to death.

    ease up on how much you smoke if your getting paranoid, tweekers and schizos are no fun to smoke with
  6. TheFatKid

    TheFatKid Registered+

    Wow, I used to get paranoid all the time. Now its only when I see cops(vary rarely) and when I am near a friend's parent. Even then, I just think to myself,"its only my life i'm risking, whatever."
  7. JordaN23

    JordaN23 Registered+

    I used to be like that too :p
    Sometimes I shake for no reason cause I'm so high though.
    But check it out.
    I got like 4 fat bowls to load so I gotta jet. Peace :Rasta:
  8. Buddha Man

    Buddha Man Registered+

    i dont think you can die you can just get really high and probably pass out is the worst thatll happen. its never happen to me tho mostly cuz im too cheap to try to smoke a shitload at once
  9. MFD

    MFD Registered

    I think you just got really paranoid and scared. This happens to some people when they get high. I experienced it once when the police tried to bust me and a friend smoking in the dorms. Also one of my longtime pot smoking buds had to quit smoking because he just started to freak out. If there was another reason for you to be paranoid, obviously eliminate that next time you smoke. If you think it was just the weed, smoke less next time untill it becomes a good experience again.

    Ive heard that you can "OD" on weed if you eat over 5 grams of hash. This wont kill you, but it can be a horrible experience and it would also cost a ton. As far as smoking the dired leaves goes, you wouldnt be able to smoke fast enough to get that amount of active thc in your system at once.
  10. 1234abcd

    1234abcd Registered+

    naw yo, you'll be fine, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, stick with the ganja 3 times a day and ur good2GO :thumbsup:
  11. Cas

    Cas Registered+

    just remember...weed never killed anybody.
  12. DragonForce1

    DragonForce1 Banned

    Dude, dont worry, yea your just paranoid man.
  13. Cas

    Cas Registered+

    cool, a dragonforce fan
  14. PotHeed420

    PotHeed420 Registered+

    Your having panic attacks cause your afraid of getting caught, smoke somewhere safe and you'll get a good high.
  15. Inferius

    Inferius Registered+

    Question: can you eat hash and get high? Just, by itself? Is it different like that?
  16. budsmoker

    budsmoker Registered+

    no one has ever died from weed ever
  17. iNfamouzJ

    iNfamouzJ Registered+

    for some reason i am always waaay too... well stoned to be paranoid, unless i'm twisted or buzzeddd. I dunno... but I used to do acid, so paranoia was a part of me for a while :D
  18. CheeseIsSoHigh

    CheeseIsSoHigh Registered+

    dude dont listen to any of these guys... you can die from it... in fact i died from it like 3 times already! hahahaha
  19. MFD

    MFD Registered

    People call alot of things hash these days. The hash I am talking about is a thc extraction. Smoking a small amount of it in a bowl is about as good as smoking 3 regular bowls. Because it's an extraction, you dont need to do anything to it to prepare it for digestion. The high lasts a long time when you eat it, and is usually even stronger than if you had smoked it.
  20. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Everybody thats new to weed that smokes them selves out too much think they are gonna die from a heart attack or some type of heart failure. Most people just laugh at them , regardless to how they're feeling because it'll go away eventually. It happened to me alot when I was new, still does except now I'm just used to it so it doesnt bother me, I cant even feel it beating fast like I used to lol.

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