Dying plants, turn yellow then dead

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by bcddd214, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. bcddd214

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    I am new to growing and I think my problem is that I waited to long to flower them.

    2 plants but different strands planted almost at the same time.
    LED lamp (plenty of light)
    SuperThrive vitamin hormone plant food
    plenty of ventilation.

    They were growing beautifully then I ended up in jail for 3 days for possession of half a damn joint and nothing pending.

    got home and fed/watered my plants which looked fine but obviously needed to be watered and almost right away one of them started to turn yellow and steadily died. Very quickly to. I considered the possibility too much plant food and shocked it but the other one survived and continued to grow but started to turn yellow. Withing the last week she is obviously going to be dead in a week or 2.

    Am I waiting too long to flower?
    I am @ 6 months and would have begun the process but they started to die to early on me....

  2. bcddd214

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    Oh, I was running light on them 27/7
  3. polishpollack

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    you need to switch lighting to 12/12 after about 2-3 weeks or so. depends on how tall you want them. you veg'd them for too long. without changing the light cycle to 12 on 12 off, they never go into flower and make buds. the light cycle changes the hormones in the plant, causing them to flower. take clones (cuttings) and start over.
  4. canadianhemperor

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    veg is 18h on 6h off flowering is what polishpollack said 12/12 and veging a plant for 6 months if it's not a mother plant,is a waist of time. Plants almost double in size when you flower them! And plants need the lights off time it's part of photosynthesis, they basicly need it to process the energie they produce during the day.
  5. canadianhemperor

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    and there is a 24h to 36h lights of dark period when you switch from 18/6 to 12/12. it tells your plants it's time to bloom.Some people just start the next day with no dark period other than the usual 6 to 12h. it's a personal preference.
  6. bcddd214

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    I thought it was too long....

    Thank you very kindly for your insight!!

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