E.C Levels from vegitive to flower

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by pookie, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. pookie

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    :( Could anyone give me an idea what level my e.c reading should be during vegi stage to flowering. What levels do you increase it to as the plants progresses?

    At the moment my clones are 3 weeks old and my E.C reading is .8 - .10 By the end of the week i'll increase it to .12 - .14, and gradually to .20 before flowering. Is this correct? :confused:

  2. fhydro

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    Hello, look at the chart for GH nutes in the thread http://boards.cannabis.com/showthread.php?t=20155
    you have to convert ppm in EC, knowing that if EC=1, there are 500 ppm, and from gallon to liter. That's easy. For clones or seedlings, i run an EC of 0.7, for 3 weeks plants, EC=1.8, and so on but look at the chart. Your values are too low IMO.
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  4. fhydro

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    Yes, that's what i have said, i think, with the URL. I just made the fucking conversion between ppm and gallon ant EC and liter. That's all. Bye, no probs.
  5. pookie

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    Thanks guys, there lookng healthy again. I flushed the roots with water, droped the nutrients in the resivour to 0.0 so the plants got a god leching an brought it back to .7 and slowly increasing to 1.8.

    There peeking at the moment growing between 2" - 3" per day using Canna A&B. :)
  6. champaigne

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    Sorry I'm new to this wat has the readings on the stick got to b then from seedling to fower? Also do autos go by the same readings?My stick has ppm and ec on it! And also could some one also tell me what the ph levels should be? Thanks!!!
  7. champaigne

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    Was that correct?

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