Ear Wax from Cold Water Separation???

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by marley006, Dec 27, 2010.

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    Someone recently claimed to me that they have ear wax from a cold water extraction, which immediately made me incredulous. First, cold water separates rather than extracts, right? I've never seen nor heard of oil produced from cold water and bubble bags, either, so ear wax sounds especially dubious.

    We've been making BHO for a couple years now and recently ventured into ear wax production from the same solvent extraction. Our BHO is fully purged under heat and vacuum; however, I think our ear wax still has trace amounts of butane. Is it possible to have fully purged ear wax? We haven't tried heating and whipping after fully purging, so I have no evidence either way for that method but anticipate it working if the extraction, purging, and whipping take place in immediate succession. Can anyone confirm this works? Or, does ear wax require trace amounts of butane to retain its waxy properties?

    Ear wax seems to be much more desirable for the MMCs/dispensaries here in Colorado, as the patients much prefer the ease of handling from the dried, flaky ear wax to the gooey mess left behind by BHO. Yet, all of the ear wax (and the peanut butter hash oil and other "budder" products) I've tried tastes faintly of butane, whereas the fully purged BHO tastes divine.

    If a solvent-free (as in cold water only) or fully purged ear wax is possible to produce, then I can't wait to try it. Until then, I prefer fully purged BHO.

    Any knowledge on this topic is greatly appreciated! :stoned:
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    there is co2 extraction?...you might be able to h20 extract, then run the bubble hash through a BHO extractor and get some results...I don't know though....never hear of ear wax off h2o extraction

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