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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by bio-green-grower, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. bio-green-grower

    bio-green-grower Registered

    a few pix of my ladies. What does everyone think? I just started week 5 out of 10 weeks of flowering. I'm using FoxFarm nutes. and Dr. Hornby's Big Bud as a blossom booster.

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    MOBABN Registered+

    Nice!! Are you flowering under only CFL's?
  3. klup

    klup Registered+

    yeah, those look really nice, especially if youre using CFLs exclusively
  4. bio-green-grower

    bio-green-grower Registered

    I have 12 150 watt cfl's, 6 t12 standard 40 watt flouro's, & believe it or not a 400 watt metal halide as well. It seems I still need more light though. Lol:D

    the pics are of my room about 6 weeks ago when i had less light but it lets you get the idea (it's ghetto i know don't laugh...lol) and my nutes and stuff.

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  5. Slackersulli

    Slackersulli Registered+

    Sick buds dude.
  6. 2600HERTZ

    2600HERTZ Registered+

    Setup looks great to me.
  7. Skidmark

    Skidmark Registered+

    top left of setup pic looks like a face on the wall. Good setup m8 do u have a HPS bulb for flowering, if not it might be worth trying one before buying more light.
  8. bio-green-grower

    bio-green-grower Registered

    yeah, I still am in the market for a h.p.s. but i'm pretty low on funds right now.
  9. Kindbud

    Kindbud Registered+

    The plants are looking real lush .Nice grow.
  10. bio-green-grower

    bio-green-grower Registered

    why thank you all very much
  11. bio-green-grower

    bio-green-grower Registered

    a few more photos of my side buds

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  12. rnichilo

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  13. blank_21

    blank_21 Registered+

    Wow looking friggin awesome!! :D

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