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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by fatatattat, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. fatatattat

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    im sorry if this is a question that has been asked but i did try a search first so you know.

    anyway this is my first grow and i have a noob question

    the grow is going great way better than i expected but very nice healthy plants

    i know its not good to harvest early, but my question is worst case what impact is harvesting early going to have on the potency flavor ect.

    to be on the safe side lets say 3 weeks early

    lets say the strains are white shark and some are an alaskan cross

    if there is more info you need or even if pics will help ill provide them
  2. Mr. Clandestine

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    Check your trichomes with a magnifying glass or even better, a pocket microscope. Mostly clear trichs generally tend to give a speedy/heady high, where a higher percentage of cloudy/amber trichs will give you more of a narcotic effect. If you can help it, don't harvest too early... buds often pack on these THC-laden trichomes in the last several weeks of flowering.
  3. zebulon

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    The yield will be smaller, the flavor will be bad, and the potency will be lower.... i hope you don't want to rip off someone, because most growers wait until the plants are ripe...usually thieves harvest early...
    It is worth to wait until the weed is ripe...
  4. Orzy

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    Pics would help, but regardless 3 weeks early is gonna suck. Bud covered in clear trichomes, which the plant will have when it isn't mature, will give you a high that lasts like 20 minutes.
  5. Fencewalker

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    Yep, it will all depend on specific strain characteristics, but 3 weeks early may give you a short light buzz and very very low yield.
  6. fatatattat

    fatatattat Registered

    no i dont want to rip anyone off thats part of the reasom why im asking the question, i have 4 plants totall and was thinking of harvesting maybe one early or just part of one mainly little extra cash that would really help right now, the plants are about 2 weeks from being done not 3 but im looking for worst case because i dont want to rip anyone off
  7. Mr. Clandestine

    Mr. Clandestine Registered+

    Careful what you talk about on the boards. Sale, distribution, etc., aren't topics that should be brought up around here. I think it's been confirmed that you should wait until the plants are mature enough to harvest, because if you harvest too early, you're probably going to end up with very low-potency buds. You've spent this much time growing it, you'd be ripping yourself off for harvesting it too early.

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