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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by brickbreaker, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. brickbreaker

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    Is it possible to determine the sex of a plant that has only vegged for about 3 weeks and into flowering for a couple of days? I see little pods sticking out with real thin stems... This tells me that its a male plant. Just wondered if I was jumping the gun here in pulling him down...
  2. revolutionary

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    that sounds like a female

    males have balls
    females have pistils

    look in the faqs for pictures it's pretty obvious once you see those pics what you have
  3. brickbreaker

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    I am pretty sure its a male. Little club heads on small stems, clustered...

    Its a boy.
  4. hatch

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    Say Bro, Here Is What You Are Looking For. As Far As Early Sexing, Most Strain's Will Show Sex By The 5th Node, After Flipping 12/12 The Males Usually Show First Around The 5th Or 6th Day, & All Should Have Shown By 10 Day's, Just Be Patient, Even After A Male Has Shown Sex, It Want Drop Pollen For Another Good 10 Or More Day's.

    But Anyway, Here Are A Few Pic.'s Of Some Baby Female's.~~~Best Of Luck~~Later~`~Hatch~`~:Rasta::Rasta::Rasta::Rasta:

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  5. brickbreaker

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    Thanks, nice post !! good pictures. It definately didn't look like this... It looked more like the first group of plants I did a year ago, first grow, 4 plants, all MALE. From what I hear though thats pretty common the first time !! This is what they all looked like, like the one I just pulled.
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