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    I am planning on building an Earthbox out of a 36 gallon Rubbermaid (a BIG one:D ). Does anyone have anything they would like to say about them? I have heard that Cannabis does not like "wet feet", I'm not sure what I can do about it other than have lots of soil. The powdered fertilizer you use in a strip in other Earthboxes will not exist. I am planning on using my liquid nutes and judging what they need by what they tell me during the grow. I am going to be using potting soil with barely any nutes in it. The grow is outside so I got some fencing I can put around it (along with pissing all over that bitch lol. Good for vegg phase, and keeps things away.)

    The sun is going to be my lighting system. I am using the SunLight V. system from nature for free (Found the SunLight system on the ground for free! What a deal!)

    Anything you can contribute including "Plants will die..." or "Llamas are very attracted to the Earthbox design, you better use Llama deterrents" will help.

    Some sample earthboxes here.

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    You know I had that same concern. However my earth box has preformed really well for growing weed. Although I am going to grow tomatoes in it this year.

    It gets really heavy when the reservoir is full (if you have to move it).

    I was real impressed with the results. My model is an older model than the one you have in the diagram. It looks a little different.
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    To let you know. It was easy to get 3 plants in one. Indoors they grew to 4 feet before I had to LST (Sativa).
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    Thanks for the info. I will try to work on it some more. Right now I have to figure out how I am going to get my seedlings to survive my spring break fun away from home.

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