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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by gobstopper, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. gobstopper

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    What is the easiest food/drink to make using marijuana? I've only eaten leary biscuits once, but I fell asleep. Thus missing out on the effects. If you have an answer, post a recipe. Thank You in advance.
  2. scooplanders

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    Firecrackers i would assume to be the simpleist no brainer recipe to make, all you need is,

    1. crackers
    2. NATURAL peanut butter, or nutella spread. (NOT JIFF)
    -Make sure whatever you use has NO hydrogenated oils, so in this case, jiff peanut butter will not work.
    3. tin foil

    Ok follow these directions and you should be golden. This recipe is meant for 4 crackers, which should be able to serve 4 people...

    First set the oven on bake to 320F, if your oven is international and your using celcious then it would be 160C. (most US ovens are 320F.)

    Next your ready to make the crackers.. Spread a sufficient amount IN THE CENTER of two crackers... do this to 8 crackers since you'll be making 4.

    Next, grind 1.2 grams of whatever bud you would like to a very fine substance... Sprinkle an even amount of bud on 4 crackers until you have used it up, and make sure you douse the spread with the buds... (1.2 seems like a small amount for 4 but trust me, the amount your putting into your system using this method is overwhelming.)

    Now pop the other crackers on top, squeeze together a bit, and make sure nothing is oozing out of the sides..

    Tightly and carefully rap each cracker in tinfoil, don't worry if its not perfect just make sure they're fully covered and sealed. Now you should have 4 crackers separately foiled, put them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven (320F) for 22 minutes..

    When their finished, let them cool for 3-5 minutes and your ready..

    Simple enough? You could also eat two crackers if you wish, thats what i did and i was r i p p e d... But one should do you good..

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  3. gobstopper

    gobstopper Registered+

    thank you so very much
  4. scooplanders

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    No problem man, glad i could help you out :)

    Umm, reply back once you've finished making/consuming them and let me know what you think :smokin:

  5. smokealot123

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    i would reccomend not falling asleap on a time buz... oviously, fuck, but through my experiances i would say make another biscut or just smoke the bowl and not pass out.. therefore fully encountering the powerfull effects of marijuana lol
  6. gobstopper

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    i'm dry right now. But i'll try it this weekend when i get some bud. i'll be sure to post.
  7. bogoljub777

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    whats up.

    if you ask me.... the easiest way to eat weed is this- take the weed, chop or grind it up. then mix with some cooking oil, lightly coating it. so its not dripping with oil.

    then..... simply heat the weed mixed with oil, till the weed turns red brown.... and eat it like that. or mix it with oj or something, anything you like.
  8. Bbuddy

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    I usually just mix peanut butter or nutella and butter, then grind the weed and stir it all up. You can let it sit for about 3-5 days and it'll work or put it in the microwave for 15 seconds take it out and stir it then put it back in adding 5 more seconds (20 seconds) then stir it again and repeat till you reach 45 seconds and do that twice.
  9. DrWalter

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    green butter is the easiest and most useful great on anything :thumbsup:

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