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Easiest method starting seed in dwc

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by tech209, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. tech209

    tech209 Registered

    curious what was the easiest method starting from seed in a dwc grow already read in the faq but still need some more info, i run the airstone 24/7 right?
  2. gainesvillegreen

    gainesvillegreen Registered+

    My recommendation would be to germinate the seeds in rockwool/RR/jiffy pellets and then after a few weeks when they begin to need nutrients, move them into your DWC setup.
  3. tech209

    tech209 Registered

    ok i was thinkin of sumthing like that but wasnt to shure exactly how long do i keep them in the rockwool before transferin to dwc
  4. Snowbdr1613

    Snowbdr1613 Registered+ keep your air stones on all the time..
  5. tech209

    tech209 Registered

    thanx for the quick response
  6. Snowbdr1613

    Snowbdr1613 Registered+

    yap no prob
  7. gainesvillegreen

    gainesvillegreen Registered+

    It really depends on your situation. I would say 2-4 (so around 3) weeks after germination before moving them into DWC. They do not need nutrients as young seedlings and are fine in the rockwool/RR/jiffy pellets. After week 3 or so (you will have to determine this for yourself), move them into DWC with your diluted nutrient mix to begin some serious growing.
  8. tech209

    tech209 Registered

    hell yea man after checking out my phewne ass grow with cfl's and then seeing pics of there peoples grow with dwc fuck that imma switch over to hydro

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