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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Eraserhead71, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Eraserhead71

    Eraserhead71 Registered+

    can anyone help me out here? im new to eating
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  2. higher4hockey

    higher4hockey Registered+

    chop it up and put it in the brownie mix, put brownie mix in over, eat said brownies ............:jointsmile:
  3. hello3pat

    hello3pat Registered+

    You can also put it in rasberry muffin mix ^.^, I got a pic somewhere on here of one I did, it was fucking yummy
  4. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    HELL yeah, they looked mighty yummy!

    I wouldn't attempt firecrackers just yet, they can be easy to screw up.

    Split a brownie mix in half if you're short on bud. Not the best tasting, but will get you high!

    For the most part, eating cannabis concoctions can be a bit more intense, longer lasting, and great fun! Just make sure to use something with a lot of fat to absorb the THC!
  5. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    with brownies, if u just grind up ur weed and add it to some cooking oil, will the thc be released when u bake em?
  6. ZeldaG.

    ZeldaG. Registered+

    yo say i bought brownie mix from TESCO (supermarket in UK) and i wantewd to make them ''funny'' brownies lol how much would it be that i nedd would 2 grams be enough or would i neeed to add a bit more? As you can tell by my
    N008 question i have never eaten before (exept raw buds but fts)

  7. GetDown

    GetDown Registered+

    Pot Brownies

    you guys really need to quickly scan the boards before posting, this site was listed at the top of the recipes section, ive said before, this is the EASIEST way to cook weed, simple, fast, gets you high as fuck
  8. ZeldaG.

    ZeldaG. Registered+

    ive seen that but seriously it says 5 grams for 32 servings :O but hwta if i used 2 grams for 14 servings ?? would it work? (like cut it up into bigger chunks?? :p)
  9. GetDown

    GetDown Registered+

    that might work but i dunno, to be honest me and a mate pretty much ate the whole batch of brownies with the 5 grams, we were completely baked for about 24 hours, so the 5 grams is pretty darn strong

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