Easy Homemade Hydroponic System

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by postmandave, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. postmandave

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    heres another D.I.Y project , might be of use to some one,ythe postman

    Things you need (Pictures are in order)

    1. Rubbermaid Tub – (I use a 20 Gallon)
    2. 2-3 Fish Air stones
    3. Air Pump
    4. Black Air Hoses – (the one in the pic is clear but try and get black)
    5. Net Pots
    6. Growing Medium
    7. This is what your final product should look like.

    1. What you need to do is cut holes in the lid of the Rubbermaid container to fit your net pots in.
    2. Then run the air hose from the air pump into the bottom of the Rubbermaid container and plug them into the air stones.
    3. To check to see if your air stones are producing enough Oxygen fill the container up with water. Then put the lid on and start the pump. Come back in a few minutes and see if water has splashed through the holes and collected water on the top of the lid.more in next post, the postman.

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  2. postmandave

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    Hydroponics making complete
    Here are the other two pics. Growing medium and the final product, the postman.
    i dont use rockwool i spread the rootball over one layer of hydrotron. it workng so well for me but yes you can drop the rockwool cube in as well

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  3. latewood

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    why use promix? you don't need it. since you have to nute, hydroton alone would be less expensive, but just as efficient.

    I love pro-mix, but I would use it in container plantings.

    Nice job on the DWC set-up. jmho, lw
  4. postmandave

    postmandave Registered+

    hydroton would have been first choice but ,he used what was lying around but yes latewood , hydroton,would be better, the postman
  5. mobay

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    man watch out for that hydro, it aint nothing to be played with, when you start you wont be able to stop.
  6. postmandave

    postmandave Registered+

    but i was taught by a good mate from a far of land that is a master with hydro,he taught me enough to help this dude put this together, cant remember the dudes name , rick summit, funny guy ,lol. the postman.
  7. latewood

    latewood Banned

    you got it right...you just won't be satisfied...it's addictive...
  8. Punani Jack

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    Can someone please elaborate a little more about this grow method please?

    It seems simple enough. I have a feeling though that I am missing something. Are you using the airstones to oxyginate the water or for the purpose of making bubbles so water splashes on the roots or "pot" of the plant? In the case of the latter then surely you must neede quite a powerfull air pump to create enough water agitation. Well it must be powerfull compared to my aquarium air pumps anyway...

    I think this is the route I may take with my grow. So any additional info would be great. And Im dropping around $500 on ligting so I am serious!
  9. BlueDragonSmoke

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    This is the method I use...but I use 2 $30 air pumps for a fish tank with 2 air stones connected to each pump.....it is to splash on net pots and cause humidity under lid for root system....but in my method I didnt use net pots ....im poor in all so I used disposable plastic cups and I put 6 cups together and drilled holes in all at one time...lol and I didnt use Hydroton either...member i am poor...lol I used lava rock 20lb $2.49..bring them home smack the bag with a hammer a few times cause I thought they was a little big...lol and wash them ...no soap ...test the water you r using then soak the lava rock in the same water over night and test ph again to see if the rosks you got are ph nuteral... any way this is about the cheapest way to grow and it REALLY works well....I do 4-6 plants every time I grow depending on the good clones I have and no problems ... or even with that set up add a little water pump and some drippers on a timer and you have best of both worlds ....(drip/bubble) WOW watch them grow...lol hope this helped some
  10. dion

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    folks like me really appreciate threads like this... thank you PMD that seems like an affordable and effective manner of growing.

    bluedragonsmoke, cool deal letting other grow mediums be thrown out there.

    I haven't really figured out about how much this whole setup costs to build, but i know i can do independant research to figure it out.

    thanks again for all the help spelling it out for those of us who cant spell
    (and in translation that means for those of us who have no idea what in the fuck is going on with hydroponics)

  11. latewood

    latewood Banned

    a standard aquarium pump is all you need for a 5 gallon bucket or a 8-10 gallon tub.
    If you go with a big, let's say 33 gallon tub you will need a double airpump with 2 airstones instead of 1...Some dwc growers will use a dbl airpump with 2 t's, and put 4 of the .88 airstones in bottom...I have also seen where a guy at OG used 4-4" airstones off a dbl pump with 2 t's, his results were fantastic.

    I started and still grow with this method, among others...last go 'round I grew a nice sexy orange skunk tree that provided me with 6-7 ounces after drying...good luck
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  12. BlueDragonSmoke

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    6-7 oz ? lol What you do lose a oz and you still looking ...lol...=))
  13. Zandor

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    Support the underside of the rubbermaid tub it will cave in after a short amount of time. You can build a frame with PVC to support it and that would help. fyi.
  14. latewood

    latewood Banned

    this is a great method.
    I do this also...as far as the lava rocks, great stuff. and suggesting breaking them up is good advice.

    another note on cheap rock grow medium...pea gravel was the 1st, hydro grow medium and is still used in certain areas, today. You can use any Inert rock/substance, Including a variety of 5-6 at wally's.
    the difference is, some are heavier than others and harder for the roots to move, but they work...Other choice such as lava rock are lighter and retain more moisture.

    that is why the market of large perlite, hydroton, coco*, and others is growing, with new products all the time.
    * I learned something new yesterday. coco is treated like soil; In respect to nutrients and PH...didn't know that. lw
  15. turtle420

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    I've got to ask...

    How the heck do you make your pictures so "perfect"??

    They have the white background... nothing around them... Jesus! It's like a catalogue or something! :)

    Nice work buddy! ;)
  16. latewood

    latewood Banned

    very funny. The reason for the variance is, because I don't really ever weigh everything(don't care) and I smoked a shitload 2-3 ounces I estimate...For some reason I had cause to weigh 1/4lb???:D LOL:cool:
  17. postmandave

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    Turtle. White mylar on a cloning table. I wish it was me that took them but it was some dude that does pics for a living. the flash on the cam reflects of the mylar and then he messes about with them on his computer and they come out like that. Cool though innit. Wait to you see the ones that I'm putting on ebay for me and mobay grow boxes and clone boxes. They will be real pro. We have both decided to try and beat all these rip of grow boxes by making boxes with superior products fitted and at affordable prices .Yeah we will be doing it to make money but not to rip people off like most of these grow box suppliers do .The Postman.
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  18. BlueDragonSmoke

    BlueDragonSmoke Registered+

    Everything is high now days ....it sucks....plus your plants wont know a difference what you use ....lol
  19. seattle420

    seattle420 Banned

    this is a great hydro sytem it uses the space perfectly!
  20. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    nice thred postman
    you come up with some really good ideas i think i will be attempting this one someday as i have always wanted to do hydro
    cheers postman :)

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