Easy way for making hash oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Coelho, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Dec. 21 2012

    Dec. 21 2012 Registered+

    Hey Coelho, do you have a simple way to make some Green Dragon?
  2. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    This is a picture of the type of glass jars that some people marketed hash oil in, many years ago. A gram of oil would fill about half a jar. They originally had black screw-on tops, but I misplaced them.

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  3. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Well.. the way i use for making it is very similar to this recipe:


    Its VERY well explained and very detailed... the only differences from this recipe to what i do is: i use pure alcohol (everclear) instead rum, and i heat the weed in the alcohol for one entire hour, instead the time said in the recipe.

    BTW... making hash oil from green dragon is very easy also... when the green dragon were ready, filter it, so you will get only the liquid, and not the leaves, then heat this liquid until all the alcohol evaporate. The tar-like residue left is hash oil.

    And BA, do you know where i could find some glasses like that ones? Cause they seem perfect for storing hash oil...
  4. itsme5k

    itsme5k Registered

    Does anyone else here use butane to perform a supercritical extraction?
    I think its great there is no great risk of explosion of you evaporate outside in a water bath, and only takes a few minutes.
    Just make sure no one is smoking as you are doing it. (unless you want a nice big fireball)
    You can then mix with 4:1 ratio isopropyl alcohol and heat in a boiling water bath to boil off any remaining more volatile solvents.
    It is a thin golden liquid which is easy to work with (ie in an eye dropper bottle) which you can just drip onto a ciggie or into a vaporizer. Does not take too long to dry and has a really nice taste.
  5. mark08

    mark08 Registered

    yoo man i got a couple questions for ya, will this work with if i dont use actual buds like if i used stem, leaf and shake instead? and where would be the safest place to leave the bottle of acetone + weed? and how much do u think will be made with approx 20 grams of weed?
  6. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    I've just started with the butane method and I was surprised at how simple it is to do and how smooth the smoke was. Most of the hash I've had was hard to take.
    Honey Oil or BHO is what its called.
  7. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Yes... it would work, but the hash oil you would get would be far less potent than if you use buds... but i think even so it still would be very worth of smoking.

    Well... the bottle must be in a cool and dark place (as light destroys the THC), and FAR from anything which generate sparks, heat, or anything like this, as acetone is very flamable... but, besides this, any place would work.

    Man... the amount of hash oil you get from weed depends on the type of weed you get... but i would say, in average, from my own experiments, that 20g of weed would produce about 2g of pure hash oil... and its a LOT! If the weed were better than mids, it would be enough for some 200 highs... :stoned::thumbsup:
  8. mark08

    mark08 Registered

    aright thanks man, one more question lol i've left the weed in the acetone for about 24 hours now, the colour is now a very dark greenish brown color is ready to put onto the plate?
  9. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    It is... but still there is some THC left in the weed. So, after you put the brown acetone in the plate, put some pure acetone in the bottle with weed and let it soaking for about one week, to ensure you extract all the THC that may have remained in the weed after the first extraction.

    BTW, while in the recipe ive said to let the acetone evaporate naturally in a plate, when i do it myself i put the acetone in a wine glass, put this glass into a water bath and heat the water with an electric water heater. The water heats the acetone, and it evaporates WAY faster.
    I didnt said it in the recipe because doing it is FAR dangerous, as acetone is VERY flammable, and its vapours are even more, so all the caution must be exercised when doing it, to avoid that the acetones vapours enter in contact with anything hot, sparks or flames, that could make it ignite (or even explode).
    I noticed that letting the acetone evaporate by itself (without heating) causes the appearing of water in the acetone, and it slows down the evaporation and hinders a bit the hash oil precipitation. But it still works very well. So, you can evaporate it the way you choose.
  10. mark08

    mark08 Registered

    ok so how long should it take for the acetone to evaporate if i put the wine glass in a hot water?
  11. NaughtyDreadz

    NaughtyDreadz Registered+

    Hey cara.. tou querendo comecar um site similar em portugues... final do ano... se quiser contribuir, seria grato!:thumbsup:
  12. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Well... it depends on the amount of acetone that needs to be evaporated... right now ive just finished doing it... the amount of acetone was about 2oz, and it took about 30 minutes to evaporate completly.

    BTW, i just noticed that you MUST re-extract the hash oil from the weed... like you, i evaporated the acetone after one day of soaking the weed in it, and got some amount of hash oil. Then, i put more pure acetone in the (already extracted) weed, and let it for about one week. Then, today i evaporated this acetone and got almost the same amount of hash oil i got in the first extraction. What means the first extraction (letting the weed soak for only one day) only extracted one HALF of the total amount of hash oil the weed could give.
  13. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Maconha.com? AHuhauahuahauhauahauhau! Pode contar comigo! :Rasta:
  14. NaughtyDreadz

    NaughtyDreadz Registered+

    you read my mind
  15. mark08

    mark08 Registered

    the stuff i ended up with is looks kinda like hash oil but its not thick at all its still really watery and smells kinda like the acetone still, should i let it sit for a day or 2 before smoking it?
  16. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Thats very weird... how did you evaporated it?
    Also, could you find the composition of the acetone you did use? Usually its written in its bottle... and if you could post some picture of the oil you got, i could try to see what was the problem.
  17. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Sometimes i do it... im not Paulo, but im also a Coelho... LOL! jk... in fact, i just thought it would be the most appropriate name for it... cannabis in english, maconha in portuguese... i think it would be better than erva.com, fumo.com, bagulho.com, etc... :D
  18. NaughtyDreadz

    NaughtyDreadz Registered+

    Boy... I know all about that... one too many brahmas and I wake up with enough bagulhos.com :D
  19. painretreat

    painretreat Registered+

    You can buy those bottles with the tops, in the U.S., from Gold Prospecting stores! thot that would help!

    Entire Thread very informative! pr:hippy:
  20. MotleyCrue0226

    MotleyCrue0226 Registered+

    when you pour out the liquid onto a plate could you insted pour it onto a sheet of wax paper? this could make collecting your hash easier? or pour it onto a paper plate, freeze it (possibly making it hard and brittle), then bend the plate to crack off this stiff hash, then warm it with your fingers while rolling it into a ball? sorry im high, i hope to get some insight on this. :stoned:
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