Easy way for making hash oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Coelho, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Im almost sure yes, as the weight of hash oil i usually get is about 1/10th of the weight of the weed i start with.

    Well... i dont know. I never did a sucessfull butane extraction (i tried it once but the weather here where i live is way too hot), so i cant compare it with the other solvents.

    If i remember rightly, the butanes boiling point is around 40F, so it would take a lot of time to evaporate. It would help a lot the extraction process, as the weed would be soaking in the liquid butane for a longer time, allowing a more effective extraction.
    I would suggest you to do the extraction outside, until you fill the pyrex glass with the liquid butane+oil, then go to a warmer place to evaporate it.
    Just remember to evaporate it in a place far away from heat sources, sparks, flames, cigarretes, or anything that could ignite the butane fumes, as it is VERY flammable and could easily cause a fire or an explosion.
  2. joeiskrunk

    joeiskrunk Registered+

    i tried the butane extraction outside and it was cold as hell and out of all 14 grams of the vaporized weed i only got a few highs off of it because the layer was so thin it took forever for me to scrape it... i eventually rubbed joint papers over it and vaporized those which worked out quit well.

    Because of my disappointment in the butane extraction i bought as ounce of some mids that encouraged me to try the isopropyl alcohol method. I am currently at the stage of slowly slowly waiting for the isopropyl alcohol to evaporate. If you happen to get with within the next few days could you tell me a safe method to speed the evaporation of the isopropyl. I have been putting in on a coffee machine to warm the liquid to speed up evap. a little.

    Would putting boiling water around the glass container speed up significantly since i cant use any flames?

    Appreciate the advice,

  3. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Yes, putting boiling water around the solvent you want evaporate can make it way faster. When i make hash oil i put a wine glass with acetone (the solvent i use) into a pan with water, and heat it with an electric heater, so the water boils and heats the acetone. Doing so i can evaporate half glass of it (1-2 oz) in about 10 minutes.

    How long did you let the weed soaking into the isopropyl alcohol? For making a good exctraction, which get the most of the weed, i must soak it in acetone for about one week. And the acetone dissolves the cannabis resins faster than the isopropyl alcohol, so for making a good extraction you should let it soaking for at least one week.
  4. joeiskrunk

    joeiskrunk Registered+

    hey i used boiling water to heat the isopropyl alcohol off and it worked very well. I boiled the water and then brought the water to a diff room where i set a glass container with the "stuff" in the water. A fan directed at the water by the window blew out the evaporated isopropyl alcohol.

    I got a huge glob probably inbetween a half and full gram but i also have the weed soaking from the same batch that has been in the dark for about a week now. The liquid is just as dark if not darker that the other stuff haha.

    How are your preferred ways of smoking it? For me a drop or two on some weed in my hotbox gets me pretty high. And for buying the ounce for 75 it turned out pretty nice.

    Do you have any idea if the BHO extraction makes the honey taste different?
  5. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    best method to make oil is with butane PERIOD ...
  6. aces12

    aces12 Registered

    OLD oil method

    since ancient times alchohol has been made with grains etc....probably one of the oldest solvents / drugs used ....it has also been used from waaay back as a way to make tinctures....stands to reason that if you can use it to make essential oils (hash oil),it was likely done with weed by cavepeople !

    organic method of oil extraction....

    1.USE everclear...straight grain alch.....no additives...evaporates readily

    2. soak weed in jar 48 hours ...use enough alch. to cover ground up weed.

    3.separate fiber from 1st cut oil by filtering it thru a coffee filter lining a strainer

    4. Repeat filtering as many times as you feel necessary...one more time works for me.

    5.a safe and organic way to eliminate the alch is to put the liquid from secon d filtering into a pyrex pie pan and set it out in the sun on a warm SUNNYsummer day or two ...i put it on the dash of my truck .....crack the windows a few inches to vent....

    scrape the goo-oil and toke....works well on a paper after you twist one up !

    opthalmic solution bottles hold ten grams ...and make real nice containers... i had only one from a prescription so i don't know where to get them...maybe a new product for someone on the retail end (?)
  7. Moirraine

    Moirraine Registered

    Terrifying - acetone is petroleum - BHO is petroleum - STOP POISONING yourself

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  8. advancedgrower

    advancedgrower Registered+

    Making concentrates is a tough job....
  9. WhiteWZRD

    WhiteWZRD Registered+

    Tippy sticks?

    What method would be used to make oil that can be used in trippy sticks/ vap pens?
  10. budbro28

    budbro28 Banned

    how can you think its safe to smoke shit soaked in butane or finger nail polish remover.carcinogen carcinogen carcinogen....go to walmart and just huff butane or propane...probably fuck you up and be cheap...that is if you dont give a fuck about your brain....i dont care if it evaporates or not...there has to be some residual....VAPe nugs for days....or cold water extract...or grain alcohol
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