easy way to clone with soil??????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by highweedskunk, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. highweedskunk

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    how do you clone ? first time grower my plants r 60 days old from seed.. i wana start the new bach in my new veg room?
    so please help me out thanksssssssss all
  2. busteruk7

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    ello m8 hows it going
    look at ya plant and and take the clone off a healthy stem that looks quite thick cut it at an angle too to help root promotion in the clone
    then if there is a few leafs on that clone that look like they will be to heavy just snip half of them off leaving a bit of foilage on it
    then take ya new clone and gently shave a lil bit of the bark off the bottom wher ya sniped it this will promote root growth too
    then dip the shaved part of the clone in water then into rooting hormone powder and/or gel this will give it a better chance of makin new roots then plant it into ya soil sinking the shaved part in about a half inch into the soil
    then give it a nice watering and leave it my friend
    and let nature do the rest
    hope this helps :)
  3. highweedskunk

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    you rock...thanks i am getting 12 clones first process, I HOPE THEY ALL MAKE IT AND IF THEY COME OUT OF A FEMALE PLANT THERE ALL FEMALES RIGTH...
  4. highweedskunk

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  5. smoknjoe

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    Yes, the clones will all be the same sex as the plant they were taken from.
  6. Gen

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    No, taking clones does not hermie them. Actually stimulates growth.

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