easy ways to get high without smoking?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by iwantagoodtincture, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. iwantagoodtincture

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    i used to smoke pot but i would really just like to ingest it instead of smoke it. Vaporizers are ideal but good ones are expensive. Does anyone know of some very simple, easy to make recipes that will actually work? And if you do please include how much you should take/eat/drink.
  2. Transition Force

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    Vaporizers may be expensive, but they more than pay for themselves in the weed you save as you don't use as much in a vape
  3. Abattoir Dream

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    i think you should get a nugget and hit it on a mirror, get all the THC and snort the lot! that'll cure what ales ya
  4. Buddahbear

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    Go to discountworldonline.com and check out the 140$ Hands free vapor brothers. I know it's a bit of an initial investment, but you can add the weed you vaporize to cook with. You make up for the money in weed after weeks (I personally sell my vaporduff brownies to make a little extra$$), I use less weed every time I vaporize and get more stoned than smoking.

    Strictly Baking weed would get expensive after a while, (not to mention the high takes up to an hour to kick in and lasts a very long time up to 12 hours!)
  5. jamstigator

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    Here's how I eat pot:


    Hope my bottle of oil lasts until next harvest! Woman's getting on me to make more though. Women love chocolate!

    Obviously, you wouldn't want to try that recipe unless you are SURE you're going to want to eat a lot of brownies. The oil lasts fine in the fridge though, so it's not like you have to eat them all in one week. That's the whole point of making a lot - so you only have to make the oil once every few months.

    BTW, an addendum: you might have friends who want the cooked plant matter. I have a dealer friend and he said he wanted mine, if I was gonna throw it away anyway, so now I just give it to him. What he does with it, I don't even wanna know. Pretty shitty looking oily stuff, I don't want it, but I guess if you're desperate, it's smokeable. I won't ever get *that* desperate though. ;)
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  6. Oksmokey

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    nutella firecrackers are a ez fast and efficient way of ingesting weed.

    Follow this link but substitute Nutella (a chocolate hazelnut spread available at Wal-Mart and most Grocery stores) for peanut butter.


    I have made the with the organic peanut butter but IMHO the Nutella is far superior. Not only does the chocolate taste better it is easier to work with.

    I have taken the recipe further along with the nutella I know dip the whole firecracker in chocolate.

    This recipe doesn't stink up the house, keeps well, and allows you to easily dose your self with herb.
  7. NightProwler

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    firecrackers: the way of the future
  8. CuddleFish

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    I tried this just a few moments ago and they arent working!!!!! Did i do something wrong?
  9. Coelho

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    Firecrackers (or almost any recipe with weed btw) take some 2-3 hours to kick in... so dont assume they arent working and eat too much, cause when they hit you may get WAY too high...
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  10. janetten39

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    Thanks for your simple & easy snack recipe, I'm about to try it.
  11. janetten39

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    :thumbsup: I love Peanut butter so this recipe sounds good to me. I'll give it a try and let you know how I went.

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