eating roaches

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Hammerofthegods, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Hammerofthegods

    Hammerofthegods Registered

    Do you guys ever eat your roach after you smoke all the weed out of your joint... my friends do it and they say the thc on the paper can give you a better buzz is this true... ive done it twice and it seemed to work. i guess haha.

    but one thing i dont want to start a topic on its kind of funny and dumb... anyone ever got their pets high i wanna get my cat high haha.
  2. lateralus

    lateralus Registered+

    Nah, I see roaches as very valuable and potent, and I always save them for later.

    My friends and I have tried to get animals stoned without success. The ones we tried it with got claustrophobic. :rolleyes:
  3. Junket

    Junket Registered+

    its not cool to get your pets high...just give your cat some catnip, now thats entertainment...
  4. Roulettedares

    Roulettedares Registered+

    lol I ate a roach once. I smoked a joint and hid it once it was a roach, and I ate it the next day w/ peanut butter YUM :stoned:
  5. kindbuds

    kindbuds Registered+

    What the fuck is wrong with you people.

    A roach is a tasty treat for later, But for smoking purposes only.

  6. Hammerofthegods

    Hammerofthegods Registered

    thought maybe some of the thc gets on the paper and you could eat it and get a better high or save it and it later. like when you've burned all the weed you can eat at paper. haha whatever haah.
  7. Escher

    Escher Registered+

    dude have yall ever smoked out of a bananna? hahaha i did that like 2 weeks ago.
  8. Hammerofthegods

    Hammerofthegods Registered

    nah i heard something about the electric bananna haha you get high off of a banana peel its false haha.
  9. Escher

    Escher Registered+

    nah man we smoked bud out of the banana and then ate it. all natural. haha. it was great, we were walking down the street toking and people were lookin at us lol.
  10. Hammerofthegods

    Hammerofthegods Registered

    i know what you meant i was just saying. :Rasta:
  11. Clevelandsmokin

    Clevelandsmokin Registered+

    yea i've swallowed roaches before but see no point because u can just smoke them in a bowl
  12. Hammerofthegods

    Hammerofthegods Registered

    really thats cool, ive never thought of that... ill give it a shot
  13. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    yea i always smoke them in my bowl
  14. LightGreen

    LightGreen Registered+

    yea i save em and smoke em in a bowl
  15. LittLeWinG

    LittLeWinG Registered+

    yerrrr i usually smoke a few joints then get the roaches and smoke em in my lil homemade bong, it really boosts the high :)
  16. smokincajun

    smokincajun Registered+

    When I was younger I used to always eat them, but then I realized it's better to same them up & smoke them.

    That's kinda my "ritual"...I smoke all my stuff, and when I'm out I smoke all my roaches through a bowl.

    If I'm out for a while & really get to jonesing, I'll scrap the resin out of my bowl and clean it out, saving all the tar and little chunks that are stuck in it and then smoke it - whoa! Talk about a buzz!
  17. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    I would never smoke that tar, I can't bring myself to do it. I save up my roaches for like a week and pack a mighty bowl when im all outta money for the week. I usually only need to go like 2 days a week without smoking
  18. Green Screen

    Green Screen Registered+

    Yeah ive gotten my dog high before, she loves weed anyway so its alright. We got this giant ass suitcase and i just told her to go lay down in it. Id just take a hit then blow the smoke into the suitcase and put the lid back down but not zip it or anything so she could get out if she wanted to. After i was done with my bowl she just strolled out with this gigantic puppy grin on her face and watched TV with me. An easier way to do this though is just to smoke a J, my dog sniffed at the smoke the whole time i was taking hits, eventually she tried to lick it out of the air.
  19. Strikerrr

    Strikerrr Registered+

    I break open the roach. and smoke the weed. If we're somewhere that we shouldn't be smoking I'll usually eat the roach. Since we smoke blunts they always taste good.
  20. scream

    scream Registered+

    we just keep the roaches in the paper and when we get enough we roll a new joint out of them...paper and all.

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