Eating stems?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JerryGarcia, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    Does eating the stems of weed really make you higher?
  2. Smokes

    Smokes Registered+

    i have ate like a shit load a stems one time when i had no weed and it made me light headed... but deff. not high
  3. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    I've heard chewing on them gets you a bit high, but I doubt it.

    Unless they're covered in trichomes for some reason...
  4. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

  5. imagoober

    imagoober Registered+

    no. the only trichs, resin(thc), whatever youll find on the stem is what has fallen off the bud during flowering and harvest, and it will be in extremely small amounts, if you have a lot of stems just rub your finger on them and see what you get, tiny bit of hash possibly. as for eating it i would only recomend that if you needed more FIBER in you diet!
  6. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    just make green dragon w/ them
  7. notrightquite

    notrightquite Registered+

    What's that?
  8. s2headhunter

    s2headhunter Registered+

    dude u would have to have sooooooo many stems to make green dragon lol like an ounce of stems........just to do the trick lol...
  9. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    no, but chewing on stems lets you enjoy the flavor
  10. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    thats true.

    i usually throw my stems away, or if theyre long enough, use them to pack a joint
  11. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    My stems are usually the cores of my shitty ass schwagg.


    Glad I get fucked off my face off it, though :D
  12. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    Do you ever post on, PENGUIN?
  13. scream

    scream Registered+

    i keep em and make hash oil, cannabutter, or stuff like that with them
  14. chris40

    chris40 Registered+

    Grind them up and sell them. $$CHA CHING!$$
  15. poiuyt

    poiuyt Registered+

    I usualy take the stems and chew/eat them.
  16. SneakerPimp

    SneakerPimp Registered+

    You can eat all the stems or weed you want, it aint gonna make you high. You must extract the THC out of the weed in order to get high, thats why we smoke it! THC is ineffective without heating it to a certain point.
    BUT, dont throw away your stems, they do tend to have a small amount of THC, use them when you make BUDDER or when you make brownies, u can extract the THC out of the Stems (or weed of course) easily by simmering them in hot oil, then drain and add to your brownie mix. When I make brownies I add about a 1/2 of Stems and about a 1/4 of weed. Perfect High!
  17. Oli

    Oli Registered+

    I used to chew on them cos they taste nice but now I'm starting to save them up for some green dragon.
  18. show7stopper

    show7stopper Registered+

    no they dont get you high at all and they dont get you light headed its all in your head, i do it because they taste good while your packing a bowl
  19. Up In Smoke 420

    Up In Smoke 420 Registered+

    I like to chew on them. Sometimes if it's good weed they have a nice taste.
  20. Synthesizer Man

    Synthesizer Man Registered+

    I disagree. They CAN get you high, you just have to make sure there's loads of crystals on it. I saved my stems for a rainy day, and when that day came, I made a joint out of it. And it did get me high for about half an hour.

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