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Discussion in 'Edibles' started by andeveryme, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. andeveryme

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    Ok so i know you can make cannabutter and green dragon, and all sorts of ways to remove the THC from the bud, and have no plant material. But say if somone just, you know, ate it raw, would it still work? Or would it not be metabolized correctly.
    So that being said, could you for example, grind up some herb and simply throw it in with your betty crocker cookie mix?

    Sorry if this question sounds noobish lol
  2. Shenanigans

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    I don't see why it wouldn't, but I haven't tried that, haha. I have a friend who always insists on chewing stemswhen we're all smoking because he insists it makes him more high, but I can't tell if it has any effect since we're all smoking anyway.
  3. pauldiggity

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    I'm pretty sure that THC has to be heated to a certain temp. in order to become active in the body no? A vaporizer can do that for you but I'm not sure about your stomach... Also chewing on a dried and cured plant of any kind is pretty gross. Imagine chewing loose leaf tea...
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    well you have to heat it to convert the other chemicals into THC, so really the only reason to heat it is to obtain more THC, there is a certain amount on the bud itself, but not really enough to get you high, and cooking, smoking, vaping, whatever that involves heating it only creates more THC and a medium in which to ingest it be it smoke, food, or a THC vapor cloud.
  5. Coelho

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    Its almost 100% right... the amount of THC be increased greatly by heating it, but the amount of THC that already is in the bud sometimes is enough to get you (at least) barely high... I know from my own experience, as my very first attempt with weed was eating, raw, some 0.5g of it... i got slightly high, or maybe i got higher than i remember, but as i was a newbie maybe i didnt recognized all the effects of the weed, and thought i was less high than actually was.
    Anyway, eating raw weed is a enormous waste. The absorption of it can be made far greater simply grinding it to a VERY fine powder and mixing it with some fatty thing, like cheese or butter (in the firecrackers), or in the brownies/cookies mixes, or several another recipes. :stoned::eat::thumbsup:
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    THC has to be a certain temperature to destabilize which means it will react with your body thus getting you high. Those temperatures are like 180-200 c. That isn't really enough heat to CREATE THC through a chemical fusion process. It's pretty stable which is why Hash doesn't really go bad too easily. But you have to make it less stable which is why you vaporize/smoke it.
  7. swice1

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    pretty sure i was high last time i ate a nug on the way to class
  8. twitch

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    i have eaten raw weed a couple of times
    getting pulled over
    in the car with my parents and cant smoke

    the most i have eaten is 3 grams i got baked
    i have also eaten a gram and got stoned
    it took 1 to 2 hours to kick in

    but yes you can eat raw weed and get stoned
    i dont care what anyone says i have done it

    coelho: i agree it is a waste to eat it i would have much rather smoked it in those occasions that i did eat it
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  9. zzdank

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    This man knows his shit. And why would you even wanna eat raw bud it tastes horrible lols. And cooking it will fuck you uo for a long time so will green dragon.
  10. animejunkie895

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    Quite right all simply put (you can get high eating it raw !) but its much better if you just grind it up and bake it in a good batter kind of mix
    Example: (cookies cake bread and loads more if done right)
    for Example me and my cousen took about 1/6 of a gram put it in a centered out peanutbutter cup or (Reeses) and poped it in the microwave it will do the trick we both got stoned and eating it in cooked/heated food could give you more thc then the 78% you get from smoking out of a bong or bowl maybe even as much as a 91% like a vaporizer !
  11. VapedG13

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    ..................Yes you can................

    A Leary biscuit is a snack consisting of a cracker, cheese, and ground up marijuana bud. It is heated in a microwave oven and causes a cannabis "high" in the eater. The heating is said to activate the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in cannabis. In actuality, the heating simply increases the solubility of the THC in the fats and oils in the cheese. The plant material of cannabis is not easily digested, and so the THC is not readily absorbed into the bloodstream unless it is first dissolved in some kind of fat, oil, or alcohol. This is why cheese is used for the Leary biscuit - cheese has a high fat content, suitable for dissolving THC and making it more readily available for digestion.

    It is also a widespread myth that THC must be heated to "activate" it. However, heating a cannabis food/drink preparation actually makes it more potent. What actually happens is that additional THC is formed from the chemical breakdown of inactive carboxylic acid THC derivatives present in the cannabis. The carboxylic acid derivatives are inactive themselves, but when heated they readily lose their carboxylate group as carbon dioxide, and active THC is formed. In some instances, heating can actually double the active THC content of the original starting plant material.

    THC and other cannabinoids are hydrophobic oils. They are insoluble in water but soluble in alcohols, fats, and other oils. As cannabinoids are insoluble in water alone, they suffer from low bioavailability when eaten. By dissolving the cannabinoids in alcohol, fats, or oils (such as the fat in butter and cheese), their ability to be absorbed by the body is increased. Heating the THC in the presence of fats or oils simply accelerates the process of dissolution in the fats, from some hours at room temperature to minutes in the microwave.

    Timothy Leary was reportedly fond of these concoctions, especially in the later years of his life (allegedly because his physician asked him to quit smoking ) and thus they are named for him
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  12. mc1548

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    I think it will work just not as good as when heated & I suspect it takes more & that means a waste. I’ve heard that a human’s digestive system isn’t equipped to digest it properly; I bet a cow could make it work.
  13. ky1956

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    If humans can't digest leafy matter salad bars wouldn't be so popular. It works to eat it raw, the dryer the weed the better, this is the same as heating it.
  14. 4harley

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    eatin bud

    8 no matter the amount of weed.only the intentsity based on volume
    of weed 1/8 of weed and nobody will see you for 2 days.major tore up.i eat out of 100ml ground up weed in a 9x12 brownies pyrex at 1/2 inch deep.3 cuts across then x 5 down in the pan.for a ptsd dose i do 1/4 many doses to count.
  15. SmokeNRun

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    pretty sure you and everyone else that said that were just having a placebo effect. The mind is a powerful thing! :thumbsup:
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  16. ky1956

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    This is a common response from people who haven't tried eating raw weed, or who have tried it once and didn't notice much of an effect.

    It's a pretty simple experiment to engage in, maybe you would learn something new.
  17. mc1548

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    I’ve never try eating raw weed, except years ago swallowing the roach to get rid of the evidence. I think I’ll give a try; I’ll take the normal amount that I would use in a pipe, grind it up a little finer and see what it does. I don’t think it’s going to work very good because weed has to be heated to over 250° to release the THC and I don’t think it gets over 100° in your digestive system. But like I said I’ll give it a try and get back with my results.
  18. mc1548

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    Eating Raw weed

    1 pm today I took some known good white widow, enough to make 2 people medicated, or one person "very" medicated. I ground it up, put it in my mouth, but didn't swallow, I chewed it to a Pulp letting it sit under my tongue Intel it was liquefied. (That's also the best way to use Viagra type pills). After one hour I felt nothing, that’s typical for me with edibles, after 2 hours I could feel it coming on, and after 3 hours I felt pretty good. Now it’s 7:30 PM, 6 ½ hours after I ate it and I’m still feeling the effects. I don’t recall most of my edibles doing that, at least not lasting quite as long unless I ate a little too much.
    I’m surprised that I found eating the Raw marijuana seems to have made it a more mild trip, but lasting a little longer. I’m surprised that it worked this good at all not being cooked. My 1st and only try at making butter, I used one ounce of Bud and organic butter & cooked it for 22 hours. It came out good, but is all that time necessary? Now I’m wondering if I was wasting time and would it be just as good to grind my marijuana, most any kind, to a powder than just mix it into the brownie mix and cook.
  19. ky1956

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    Thanks for the report

    mc1548, thanks for the report. I too thought that it had to be cooked but was turned on to raw consumption by a coworker, who had also been dared into experimenting with it.

    Your response is very similar to mine and I have found it a great way to attend social/family functions where smoking won't work, but a little raw consumption keeps me pleasantly buzzed.

    Try firecrackers for an easy and fast edible recipe.
  20. Xyz505

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    eating raw weed does nothing to me meybe i should of chewed it more and hold in mouth

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