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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Crosis, May 10, 2006.

  1. Crosis

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    Okay, say I've got a whole lot of weed. I got like, two of those big ass ziploc bags full, and I wanna do something fun with it. Anyway, could I just like...pick off a nice bud and pop it in my mouth? It's dried by now, and I was wondering if just eating it would get me high? I'd have to pick out the seeds though. D=

    PS. I heard eating stems gets you high, too. Is that true? I might just pick off some of these huge stems.
  2. DonTheStain86

    DonTheStain86 Registered

    I am pretty sure that theres hardly any thc in the stems man, so I wouldnt really count on getting high off the stems, just store the bitches away. In reguads to eating it I'd like to know myself.
  3. bayareapothead5

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    DO NOT eat your weed. just dont do it, it would take about an ounce of dry weed to get you high. if oyu want to eat your weed you have to cook it first. i suggest simmering it on the stove in butter. look at the RECIPIES section of this site for more info on this though. and NO stems DO NOT get you high what so ever. although i bet if you ate about a POUND of stems you would feel a little high. so just chew them for a while then swallow. it gives you a great taste of your bud. if you dont want to chew your stem just throw them away. dont save them there is NO point.
  4. RevolverBlaze

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    Dude must be ncie to afford 2 fat sacks of weed. I can only afford an 8th or quarter every 2 weeks at the moment :(
  5. willystylle

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    Eating weed without extracting the THC first is a waste of time.

    3 great sites with articles on how to eat weed properly. Otherwise smoke it - they say its the least effective but I say its the most popular for a reason....
  6. duhrickjames

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    THC is lipid and alcohol soluable. This means that if you put weed in fat or alcohol, the THC will be absorbed by the solvent. If you were to just eat the weed straight, you wouldn't get very high because your stomach does not have the correct solvents to extract the THC with. If you eat enough you might get buzzed, but if you want to ingest THC you have to do it through a lipid or alcohol medium (e.g. brownies, space cakes, firecrackers, green dragon, absinthc)
  7. punkrockzero

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    sometimes when i smoke the stems it gives me an awesome, long lasting high. i think its because they were closer to the buds than other parts of the stem plant, so i guess it depends upon exactly which stems you are talking about...
  8. ThatTokenWhiteGuy

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    Crazy! I tried smoking stems once. It was rough to inhale, it tasted bad and I got so minimally high it wasn't worth the effort. Glad to hear someone out there can get high off their stems.
  9. hutch b tokin

    hutch b tokin Registered+

    "PS. I heard eating stems gets you high, too. Is that true? I might just pick off some of these huge stems."

  10. graph

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    I'm gonna take this from Grim Reefer's cook book.

    Here's a recipe from my cannabis cookbook.

    -Pour a cup of salad oil or coconut oil into a blender.

    -Cut up or break the stems into the length of no longer than 2 inches.

    -Set your blender on "Chop".

    -Add your stems to the blender a pinch at a time until the rotors start clogging up from the stemmy goodness. When this happens, pour the entire mash, oil and all into a saucepan and heat it for 10 minutes.

    -Strain the oil, return your mix to the blender.

    -Repeat the process using new stems and add a little more oil to make up for what you lost.

    -Repeat this entire process several times until the oil is heavily saturated.

    -The final preperation can be stored for later use in a jar in your fridge, and can be used for most recipes calling for cannabutter.

    I've done this, and it does work to some degree. You need a lot of stems, though.

    I wouldn't recommend smoking them, either.
  11. The Grim Reefer

    The Grim Reefer Registered+

    Use a ton of stems, I'm talking save every single stem you get and store them in an air tight jar or container and one day when you're in the middle of a green drought and you're aching to relieve some stress - try the above method.


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