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    My first grow!! I just have a few general questions about this setup. Six-Five gallon buckets using edd and flow technique under 600w hps. The only thing that worries me is the feeding cycle. I have seen videos with the same setup that were being fed/watered 3 times a day. How long do they need to be fed? Do i need to change nutrients and water after so much use? Have the timer start pumping water and nutes for 5,10,15 minutes?? Also, if there is a reference chart as to what/how much/ and when certain nutrients are to be used can someone pllleeaasseee hook me up? A simple shove in the right direction is all I need. Thanks to all!

    Love and freedom.
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    welcome to the boards :)

    feeding cycles vary from system to system... typically with an ebb and flow i believe you feed them about 4 times a day, I've read about people feeding up to 6..

    You fill the flood tray with the bucket in it for about 15 minutes, and then drain it.

    Keep in mind you aren't supposed to water an hour before the dark cycle, and not water an hour after the light cycle begins.. Make sure you do your last feeding a few hours before the lights turn off..

    If you were feeding your plants 4 times a day, During its light cycle... you would the pump run for aprox 15 minutes (or however long it takes to fill up all your five gallon buckets), and then keep it off for 4 hours, refilling it for 15 minutes every 4... this would be 4 feedings in aprox a 16-18 hour light schedule...

    feedings my vary depending on the air tightness of your system... if its very air tight you might not require so many waterings.. maybe 3 times a day... but if its not air tight you might need to water it maybe 6 times a day

    remember no water during its dark cycle

    also, the overflow fitting is essential, so you dont have to muck around with timing so much.

    hope this helps!
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    wow...very good information! so, all i want to do is let the pump run until the buckets are full? and what about nutrients? are the instructions on the bottle all i need to go by?
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    Yes, follow the instructions on the back of the package.

    Remember, that when you first introduce nutrirents to your plants, they should have their second set of real leaves and only use a QUARTER (1/4) strength nutrients the first time.

    I would then do a reservoir change 7 days later (remember to top during this time), and then use 1/2 strength.. after you reservoir change from the half strength, start using full.

    Its best to change your reservoir as often as possible... But you will need a lot of water and nutrients to do so.. Most people change their reservoir every 2 weeks.. But if you do you will have to watch out for algae.

    About the pump, you leave it on for as long as it takes to flood your medium (what your growing it in). If it takes 11 minutes- So be it, You run the pump for 11 minutes, and how every many hours off. The faster the pump speed, the shorter the time will be for filling.
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    so rad...i think im ready to get this thing going. thanks again!
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    I ran my pump 15 min every 8 hours, after my plants got about 10" I increase my water cycles to every 6 hours.
    I don't give them any water during lights out and I run my lights 18/6
    I try to maintain a ph of 5.7-5.8 Don't go crazy with the nutes it's better to have less then more because with an ebb and flow system the problems will happen quickly. believe me I been there and don't go by what the back of the package states for using nutes, you need to only use 1/4 strength the first week and 50% the second. I'm into my 5th week of veg and I still don't use full strength nutes. Start off slow.
    My plants are 11" right now and they're getting 750ppm and doing great. First 2 weeks I had a lot of problems and it was because of the ph and nutrients being to high. Air curculation is a big factor also as is the height of the light. To low and it will cause heat stress. I keep my light (400hps) almost 30" above my plants, any lower and I have problems with heat stress..

    Hope this helps
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