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    doe's any1 know anything about eco grow or vertical grow units if so please give me some INFO.


  2. notanotherteensmoker

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    Eco Grow is fertilizer.
    If you mean Econogrow...

    I have a 400w "mini". A beginner, I thought having a light with a built-in ballast was the easiest way to go. The main drawbacks are that it's heavy to hang and there's more heat directly overhead. Also, it's boxy, so it won't spread light like a batwing reflector or nothing at all. It makes a slight buzzing sound, even with closet doors closed. But outside the room, it can't be heard. A fan near the light blowing away makes the box cool enough to touch.

    But still, for well under $200 (U.S.) you can have a new setup.
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    link me and I will look..

  4. hydroking

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    It's a vertical grow unit!

    It's not fertilizer and it's not a light!
    Go to and search "vertical grow unit"

    "Thank's for ya help"

    If their is any1 out there who doe's know about vertical grow units then please give me some info.



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