EcoPlus™ 105 watt fluorescent lamp

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by DE.Db33t, Sep 12, 2008.

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    I had a sunleave reflector for my EcoPlus™ 105 watt fluorescent lamp that broke on me. I was wondering if any old mogul socket would work for this or if I needed a specific type.

    I was planning on picking up this baby

    National Garden Wholesale : Lighting

    to replace my sunleave but I was wondering if their was a cheaper way. I am currently using my MH/HPS kit but this is producing entirely to much heat for my small set up.

    So now I am in a pickle. It comes down to this I either

    1) assembly a DIY cool tube set up with my current MH/HPS reflector and a bake-a-round. Reventilate my system to accomadate this.


    2) Grab the mogul socket or that reflector and use the EcoPlus light.

    The room is 6ft tall by 2ft by 2ft but the top 2ft of the height is being taken up by the ventaliation and light. So its really only 4 ft of grow room.

    Is the EcoPlus going to be enough light for 1 plant?
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    Well, I just tried to put the EcoPlus into my MH/HPS system and it didnt even flicker. So this tells me that any old mogul & ballast doesn't work. Now I am considering going out and making a CFL system from the HD. What would you guys recommend.

    Just some more information.

    I have a Inline fan sucking air through a Carbon Coal filter inside the room. At the bottom there is a 5" diameter hole with a cpu fan pulling air in. This obviously isn't enough ventilation for my room is running at about 90-98 degrees.
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    New Update:

    I have taken apart the SunLeave System. After Bypassing the switching mechanism and getting a current I am beginning to think it is the bulb that has burned out rather than the lighting system. This is probably why I didnt get a flicker from the MH/HPS system. Any thoughts.

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