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    Hi all,

    I had a preemployment urinalysis the other day and was going over the paper work that they gave me. They only gave me one sheet which was the chain of custody form. It did not specify what type of test they will administer. It did say that the MRO was pembrooke occupational health. When googling the site i was directed to I am assuming that the test preformed will utilize ecup/ereader technology. From what I gather this is just a glorified take home test that connects to a computer. They state they use SAMHSA cut off limits of 50 ng. I am also assuming this is the cut off level the test will use. Has anyone had experience with these tests? Are my assumptions about this test valid? If so I feel very confident about receiving a negative result as I have abstained for 4.5 weeks at the day of the test. I also did a light dilution as my void was a pale yellow and did pass a take home a week prior to the test. Any anectdotal experience with this ereader technology would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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